Top 10 Telegram Cybersecurity Groups Enthusiasts should Join

Top 10 Telegram Cybersecurity Groups Enthusiasts should Join

During the pandemic, around 330 million consumers have spent 27 bn hours finding solutions to security problems

Cyberspace is a hideous world where cyber criminals – experienced, amateurs including script kiddies and pro bono whistle-blowers – hang out. Irrespective of the reason for hacking, it is the unsuspecting individuals who always end up as victims. Pandemic has made this fact pretty much evident, with a 72% to 105% spike in ransomware attacks. According to a report published by NortonLifeLock, an American-based cybersecurity company, over 330 million online consumers in 10 countries were cybercrime victims, and more than 55 million people experienced identity theft. It shouldn't be a matter of wonder that these victims have spent around 27 billion hours to find a solution to their problems. In this context, a highly secure and resourceful platform like Telegram can come to the rescue of people who want to save their privacy and more importantly, mental sanity. Here are the top 10 Cybersecurity Telegram groups you can join to gain insights into the world of cybersecurity and cybercrime.

1. Silent Mode Security: A channel created by a security company initially aimed at developing the right tempo before joining the company. If you are interested in gaining knowledge from security experts, then this channel is for you.

2. Cyber Security News: Join this group to stay on top of news from the world of technology and the cyberworld. Here users share news, stories, and links from well-known websites like TechCrunch to Security Boulevard.

3. Cloud and Cybersecurity: Bit sophisticated group, most beneficial to security experts, offers career advice, quizzes, and useful information to benefit from. If you are looking forward to starting a career in cybersecurity or learning the technicalities of cyber-security, you should immediately subscribe to it.

4. Cybersecurity and privacy news: A humble channel that presents cyber security news and the developments in the field. Compared to other groups, it is less noisy, letting subscribers focus on what they want to know rather than getting distracted amidst the din of useless messages.

5. Android & Malware: Mobile phones are ubiquitous and so the mobile security vulnerabilities. This group is ideal for those people who want to get a thorough understanding of how techniques like fuzzing and malware injection work with mobile phones. Here you can find a host of questions and answers addressing different issues users face.

6. Malware Research: Malware accounts for a major number of security issues. Therefore, it is very much reasonable for you to do some digging into its antecedents. Join this group to tickle your grey cells through articles, GitHub reports, and other useful resources.

7. Bug Crowd: A group literally infested with bug bounty hackers, leads discussions around HackerOne, Cobolt Strike, etc. Join this group to become a bounty hacker, the bounty programs and platforms they have are worth the time and effort, and open to sharing security vulnerabilities.

8. Red Team Alerts: It is a channel clearly meant for security experts who are into offensive security testing. No, beginners need not get disappointed as this group hosts beginner guides as well. From learning hardware how-tos to attack modeling, this channel will educate you on all the aspects of security testing.

9. APT Intelligence: Though a new kid on the block, this group is constantly growing, serving links and hot topics related to detecting advanced threat actors, tools, techniques, and procedures.  Of late, it is proving to be a promising resource also for information in other areas like OSINT, pen-testing, password cracking, etc.

10. IT (Information Technology) Army: Basically, a dark web group started for active hacking and generating ransomware threats after the Russia-Ukraine war, its intention lies in helping Ukrainians. According to the IBM Security X-Force team, they could obtain a copy of the 'HermeticWiper' malware which invaded the Ukrainian system before the physical assault was launched. If you want to have a taste of hacking, join this group. 

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