Top 10 Emerging Cybersecurity Companies to Look Out for in 2022

Top 10 Emerging Cybersecurity Companies to Look Out for in 2022

Beware of cyberattacks in companies with these top ten emerging cybersecurity companies in 2022

The emergence of IoT devices with the integration of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and computer vision has made significant growth in cybersecurity measures. Multiple cybersecurity companies are gaining popularity to combat cyberattacks in companies. There are different cybersecurity services in this Industry 4.0 that can protect the internet-connected systems or other IoT devices. Let's explore some of the top emerging cybersecurity companies in 2022.

Top ten emerging cybersecurity companies in 2022


Darktrace is one of the top cybersecurity companies in 2022. It is known as a global leader in cybersecurity services to empower organizations to combat cyberattacks in companies through Self-learning AI. This cybersecurity company offers its services to more than 110 countries across the world by building up resilience against cyberattacks. It is known for providing cybersecurity services like enterprise immune systems, industrial immune systems, Darktrace antigena, and many more with technologies such as Self-learning AI, autonomous response, and intelligence automation.


Perimeter81 is known as the first cybersecurity experience platform to streamline SASE with the ground-breaking ease-of-use as well as unified network security stack. It is one of the top emerging cybersecurity companies in 2022 for its delivery of smarter and accessible cybersecurity to prevent cyberattacks in companies. This cybersecurity company wants companies to break free from potential cyberattacks through Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).


Cybereason helps to combat cyberattacks in companies with its Cybereason defense platform. It is a combination of end-point prevention, detection, and response on the best cybersecurity software. It provides future-ready attack protection to different IoT devices. This cybersecurity company helps to respond to malicious operations with operation-centric approaches. It is popular for being at the forefront of data processing technology with effective data management for all relevant data in real-time.

Axis Security

Axis Security is one of the top emerging cybersecurity companies to provide secure application access to leading global businesses across the world. The innovative technologies with a zero-trust business-centric approach transform open networks to prevent potential cyberattacks in companies. It is working on boosting partner collaboration and digital transformation with a simple managed cloud solution for meeting business requirement.


OneTrust has started being a pioneer in the global tech market for cybersecurity services, data governance, and privacy with 150 patents. It has over 10,000 customers with a wide range of services such as OneTrust Athena AI and robotic automation enginer, OneTrust Privacy, OneTrustDataDiscovery, OneTrustDataGovernance, OneTrustVendorpedia, OneTrust GRC, and many more.


Vdoo is one of the emerging cybersecurity companies in 2022 that helps to identify vulnerabilities and eliminate potential cyberattacks in companies efficiently and effectively. Companies can have an in-depth knowledge of a wide range of cybersecurity services and other security issues. The automated platform offers end-to-end product security with the security teams to ensure optimal product security. This cybersecurity company covers a wide range of cybersecurity services through IoT devices such as supply chain threats, configuration risks, zero-day vulnerabilities, and so on.


illumio provides cybersecurity services to stop ransomware and other cyberattacks in companies with Illumio CloudSecure. It is one of the top emerging leaders in the new era of zero trust segmentation. This cybersecurity company provides multiple cybersecurity products such as workload security- Illumio Core, cloud-native security- Illumio CloudSecure, and endpoint security- Illumio Edge. helps to comply with global privacy regulations in a PrivacyOps platform to protect from cyberattacks in companies. This cybersecurity company offers data intelligence, privacy, and security through data mapping automation, assessment automation, vendor risk management, and many more. It provides cybersecurity services to combat perilous security, privacy risks and compliance through a market-leading enterprise security and compliance solutions at Symantec, Blue Coat, and Elastica.

Cado Security

Cado Security is well-known for providing the first-ever cloud-native digital forensics platform for companies. This cybersecurity company leverages the cloud to identify potential areas of cyberattacks in companies at the root cause without any error. The mission is to empower security teams with smarter ways to investigate, identify, and respond to cybersecurity issues in the cloud. The Cado Response platform helps to automate data capture and processing to have a clear understanding of potential cyberattacks in companies in cost-efficiency and time-saving manners.

Enso Security

Enso Security is committed to helping cybersecurity teams to build simplified as well as scalable application security programs. It is known for consolidating data to reduce breakers in searching and tracking while integrating with native collaboration tools. This cybersecurity company is focused on letting AppSec teams utilize their own unique skills and approaches to apply cybersecurity services.

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