Top 10 Cybersecurity Startups Known for Providing Business-Specific Solutions

Top 10 Cybersecurity Startups Known for Providing Business-Specific Solutions

Take a look at the top 10 cybersecurity startups that are redefining the digital security landscape all over the world

Cybercrime is growing in leaps and bounds every single day. Around 2,244 cyberattacks happen on the internet every day and the life cycle of an average cyberattack is 10 months. That means when a cyber breach happens, it takes around 10 months to recover from the damage caused. These figures explain the gravity of the problem, given the loss a company ought to bare for one such attack. Companies, although aware of the ramifications of negligence, hardly seek solutions on time. This explains the need for cybersecurity companies and startups. Here are the top 10 cybersecurity startups to look for in 2022.

Cado Security

Cado Security is a cloud-native digital forensics platform that operates for enterprises to make investigations and handle cyber incidents i.e. criminal activities, at cloud speed. It happens to be the first cloud-native forensics and response platform. Recently, it has received $1.5 million in seed funding. The company strives to obliterate complexities from the cloud that enables organizations to investigate and respond to cyber threats and attacks more effectively. The company also encourages organizations and businesses to adapt to a modern cloud environment.

Carbon Black

Carbon black is a cybersecurity start-up that specializes in providing a cloud-native endpoint and a workload protection platform that facilitates the prevention of cyberattacks. The company understands that modern cybersecurity demands behavioral analytics and cloud agility. This in turn allows an organization deep visibility into the modern attack landscape. The product, VMware Carbon Black Cloud is an analytics-driven product that analyses over one trillion security events daily. This product is trained to detect the abnormal behavioral pattern of criminals which makes defense easy.

Cato Network

Cato masters the convergence of networking and security in the cloud. CATO highly aligns itself with Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) by Gartner to deliver an advanced and modern security architecture that obliterates high costs, risks, and complexities. Cato ensures that organizations can securely connect to any user from across the globe. Cato strives to craft an efficient and highly protective security posture without any effort from the IT teams. All the products by Cato are affordable and come with low-latency connectivity for offices. The products often outshine VPNs and MPLSs.


Cerby is defined as a stealth security company that offers help to secure teams and harness Shadow IT. The products and services of the company are constructed keeping IT users in mind. Cerby ensures that the clients and customers receive a glitch-free end-user experience and deal with the problem of Shadow IT by enabling the end-users to use applications of their own choice, securely. The company is backed with the funding of top investors of the last round led by Bowry Capital. The company has raised a fund of $3.5 million seed.


Checkr, the cyber-security startup, deals with AI-powered technologies to aid companies in conducting proper background checks. These background checks can lessen the chances of cyber threats and attacks and can help organizations to make real-time decisions. The fact that agencies and enterprises are constantly evolving makes them prone to both prosperity and danger. Checkr acknowledges this dichotomy to hiring and background check process efficient and effective so that organizations and businesses can run with more efficient candidates.


Coalition is understood as the cyber insurance and cybersecurity company, that helps businesses to curb cyber risks. According to Coalition, business organizations and companies are adopting technology, increasingly. This increase in adoption is also making organizations prone to attacks. The company not only strives to reduce cybersecurity risks but also eradicate them by combining cybersecurity software and services. The Company aggressively encourages cyber resiliency to keep prospective attacks and threats at bay. Coalition, hitherto, has gained over 10,000 customers and has successfully insured over $12 billion of their risks.


Confluera provides a real-time cyber-security infrastructure to stop and remediate cyber-threats with a patented 'Continuous Attack Graph' across any length of time. It leverages machine comprehended threat detection with accurately tracked fraudulent activities to prevent any cyber-attacks without hampering any previous work. The main priority of Confluera is to provide relaxation to human security personnel with their work infrastructure. It easily deploys a unique solution with which companies efficiently detect and respond to real-time data breaches.


CrowdStrikeis the technology augmented with deep security expertise in the field of cyber-security by offering the only true remote remediation service. With the integration of the 24*7 cloud-native Falcon platform with the customer's devices, CrowdStrike provides better protection, performance, and value by eliminating on-premise infrastructure and consolidating the End-points agents to enhance in a simple manner. The company combines AI-based machine learning, behavioral analytics, and proactive threat hunting which are powered by cybersecurity's biggest cloud analytics platform, Threat Graph.

Cryptoloc Technology Group

Cryptoloc Technology Group is a Brisbane-based cyber-security firm that was named by Forbes as one of "The 20 Best Cyber-security Start-ups to Watch in 2020". It has successfully achieved a patent right in one of the world's most secure encryption technologies which is a combination of three different encryption algorithms into one multilayer process deployed across five products— YDF, Vault, QA, S2C, and SecureShare. Cryptoloc provides the safest platform for several companies and customers to interact securely and store, send, sign, share as well as receive large-scale files. The patented technology ensures privacy where only the user can access the files with very specific persons.


CRFT is a no-code automation platform that enables teams of all sizes to ease the burden of repetitive and time-consuming tasks without custom code development or lengthy consulting engagement. The company uses cloud-native to take care of reliability monitoring, logging, and performance at scale. CRFT avails the ultimate connector to unlock the missing capabilities of the customer's stack with seamless integration into popular security tools, cloud services, and enterprise applications. The company easily defines the complex automation scenarios that make the biggest impact on the consumer's team productivity.

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