Self-taught Ethical Hackers are Preferred by Big Tech Comps! Why?

Self-taught Ethical Hackers are Preferred by Big Tech Comps! Why?

Self-taught hackers ace their jobs with their quick learning skills and it attracts the big techs to hire them.

The cybersecurity space is constantly changing as hackers discover new vulnerabilities and methods for defending against such attacks. Creativity is highly prized in this space, and some argue that self-taught hackers are more adept at breaking into computer systems due to their nontraditional methods and inherent curiosity. Ankit Singh from Uttar Pradesh confirms this fact as he is a self-taught ethical hacker and bug bounty hunter, who has identified security threats for several tech giants like Apple, Twitter, Yahoo, and even the Government of India.

How Far the Certifications Go?

Many schools are sponsored by companies, organizations, and NGOs that offer various types of certifications in cybersecurity, hacking, and ethical hacking. Some programs are quite good, and some are relatively poor. A company called EC-Council, which has been around since 2001, became famous because of its program called CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) Diploma. It offers a good overview of hacking and information security for those who want to enter IT or infosec, but it's not very advanced. They're doing a good job teaching people how to protect themselves by showing them how they can be hacked. However, when they say their program is CEH, it's a bit too much. They have been hacked themselves, in recent years. They should change their certification to something different because when you say I am a CEH, it means much more than they are actually teaching you. The other problem is that many people just get a diploma to improve their CV. They're learning the answers by heart just to pass. They don't care to become more sophisticated in anti-hacking and security. Certification is still useful because it assures that a person has skills and capacities, but if the priority is the diploma and skill is something to get later then the whole thing might go in vain.

Why Big Tech Companies Prefer Self-Taught Ethical Hackers?

In most cases, the self-taught ethical hackers catch the eyes of big tech companies by solving a lot of hacking competitions that these big techs arrange on a yearly basis. These self-taught hackers have qualities like curiosity and the ability to learn quickly. It differentiates them from hackers who are learning in college or through certification courses because their main goal is generally to get the certificate and not hone the skills to absolute perfection.

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