Can You Land a Job in FAANG as a Self-Taught Cybersecurity Pro?

Can You Land a Job in FAANG as a Self-Taught Cybersecurity Pro?

A self-taught cybersecurity pro can protect the data of FAANG with knowledge and experience

FAANG— a group of big tech companies including Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google— is every techie's dream to join for different professions and roles. A job in FAANG is a dream come true for almost all working professionals from any technical field. But there is a discrepancy between a self-taught cybersecurity pro and a pro with a cybersecurity degree. Multiple companies prefer to hire a cybersecurity pro with a valid cybersecurity degree from eminent educational institutions and platforms while some big tech companies such as Facebook, IBM, Google, and Apple are welcoming a self-taught cybersecurity pro. FAANG has gradually started to hire a self-taught cybersecurity pro on the basis of skills and knowledge.

If you have not attended any educational institution to receive a valuable cybersecurity degree, you do not need to worry. The modern global tech market is updating and this current market version is set to hire employees without any professional cybersecurity degree. FAANG is the group of tech influencers in the global tech market. All other companies seem to follow their policies and artificial intelligence models to enhance customer engagement efficiently and effectively. A job in FAANG group also provides a competitive edge to an employee to kickstart a successful career journey.

Thus, whether an employee is a self-taught programmer or a self-taught cybersecurity pro, one can seamlessly apply for a job in FAANG with full confidence. FAANG seems to be highly interested in necessary skills, in-depth knowledge, and sufficient hands-on experience in the respective fields. They do not need a cybersecurity degree to select an employee. These big tech companies have relaxed their educational requirements policy to boost the productivity of their respective companies.

Recently, there has been a demand for a cybersecurity pro in the global tech- and data-driven market. The key reason is the increase in cybercriminal groups as well as modern approaches to cyberattacks. Cybercriminals are focused on stealing confidential and sensitive data from popular companies with ransomware and other methods. Then they tend to sell this information through auctions on the dark web. Meanwhile, FAANG being Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google, millions of information are available in their respective storage. Thus, FAANG needs to implement stronger cybersecurity systems to prevent any potential cyberattack. To implement this strategy, these big tech companies need to hire a cybersecurity pro. Companies want expertise in the cybersecurity domain rather than just a professional cybersecurity degree.

It is essential for FAANG to protect their sensitive and confidential data from the hands of cybercriminals. A self-taught cybersecurity pro can have in-depth knowledge through working on multiple projects and learning from different sources whereas a cybersecurity degree can fail to teach those practical workloads. Thus, these big tech companies have started to relax educational requirements by solely depending on their experience and skills for a reputed job in FAANG.

There has been a shortage of cybersecurity candidates in the global tech market with the increase in cyberattacks. The wide adoption of digitalization or digital transformation has increased the demand for a cybersecurity pro. Thus, companies that are tech- and data-driven are considering recruiting from a wide range of educational backgrounds including a self-taught cybersecurity pro. A job in FAANG focuses on problem-solvers with intellectual creativity and analytical skills.

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