Top 10 Online Cybersecurity Courses for Beginners

Top 10 Online Cybersecurity Courses for Beginners

Discover the Top 10 Online Cybersecurity Courses to Learn in 2024

In the growing field of cybersecurity, there is an increasing demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals. To get started in the field of cybersecurity, it is important to get skilled by gaining a cybersecurity education. Here we have enlisted the top 10 online cybersecurity courses for beginners  that will assist them in getting educated in cybersecurity:

Cybersecurity for Everyone

From the technical basics of cybersecurity to domestic and international policy debates around governance, privacy, and risk management, "Cybersecurity for Everyone" provides the foundation for understanding and exploring the key challenges faced by policymakers attempting to address the problem of cybersecurity. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cybersecurity practitioner, this course is designed for you. Whether you're an engineer or a computer scientist, this course will help you understand the broader context and the business aspects of cybersecurity. It will also provide you with the principles you need to understand the current discussions shaping a rapidly changing security landscape.

Foundations of Cybersecurity

In this Google Cybersecurity Certificate course, which is one of the top 10 online Cybersecurity courses for beginners, you will be immersed in the world of cybersecurity using an interactive curriculum created by Google. You'll explore the history of the cybersecurity industry, the role of cybersecurity in today's business operations, and the job duties and competencies of an entry-level cybersecurity analyst. By completing the eight courses included in the certificate, learners will be ready to apply for entry-level cybersecurity roles.

Introduction to Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Whether you're just starting with cybersecurity or looking to improve your digital security, this course which is ranked as one among the top 10 Online Cybersecurity courses for beginners is perfect for you. In just 90 minutes, beginners will learn how to think like hackers and develop strategies to protect their data and networks from common cyber threats. From tech enthusiasts who want to learn cybersecurity fundamentals to professionals who want to protect your personal and organizational data, this course has everything you need to get up to speed on the basics. From engaging lessons and demonstrations to best practices for protecting your data and privacy, we've got you covered with our Beginner's Guide to Cybersecurity.

Bugcrowd University

Bugcrowd University offers a wide range of high-quality, approachable content from one of the industry's leaders in the field of bug bounty and one of the top 10 online cybersecurity courses for beginners. The content on the site ranges from a basic introduction to the material to more advanced content that even some seasoned practitioners may find useful. Bugcrowd University works as a free, open-source project to improve the skills of the industry's security researchers. The site's content modules are designed to help researchers discover the most critical and pervasive bugs that impact customers. Each module includes slides, videos, and labs to help researchers hone their bug-hunting skills to create a new norm for security testing training.

SANS Cyber Aces Online

SANS Cyber Aces Online is a non-profit organization managed by the SANS Institute that donates training courses to the community. SANS operates one of the world's best security training organizations, which allows Cyber Aces to open up the security fundamentals for beginners to learn for free. The self-paced courses are part of the SANS Professional Development curriculum and contain a combination of tutorials and instructional videos that you can watch at your own pace. The programs focus on the three fundamental areas of Information Security: Operating Systems (OSes), Networking, and System Administration.


TryHackMe provides courses for beginners and covers a wide variety of topics, such as offensive and defense training. TryHackme also offers Capture the flag exercises with step-by-step instructions from contributing users that show members how to tackle and resolve issues. The curriculum of the course includes four levels:

Complete Beginners: Designed for beginners with less or negligible knowledge in computing.

Early Intermediates: Prepared for learners with basic knowledge in computing and know how to use Linux.

Intermediates: Designed for learners who have basic computing knowledge and basic security knowledge.

Advanced: This level is designed for cybersecurity professionals and penetration testing.

TryHackMe also includes modules on Linux, Network Security, Web Hacking, and Windows Basic, along with courses on Cryptography, Shells, Privilege Escalation and Basic Computer Exploitation.

Hack The Box

This course also includes retired boxes with writeups by other Hack The Box community members for those interested in learning the process. Hack The Box offers courses on offensive security and includes a live training area where hackers can hone their skills without compromising production systems. Hack The Box also includes active boxes where solutions are not published and hacking into these boxes provides users with points to improve their Hack The Box rank. The site offers free and paid tiers. The paid tiers include an inventory of deliberately vulnerable platforms that highlight and demonstrate vulnerabilities, exploits, and attack patterns in terms of difficulty and sophistication.

cybrary Insider Pro

If you are a beginner and want to learn about the fundamentals of cybersecurity, then Cybrary Insider Pro is the right course for you. Cybrary Insider Pro is best for individuals, but companies can also use Cybrary for teams. Whether you're preparing for exams and earning certifications, becoming an industry specialist in a particular security topic, educating new employees on cyber awareness, improving employee retention, or looking to develop or track cybersecurity skills over time, you'll find the tools and the online cyber community you need to help students achieve their goals.

Pentester Academy

Pentester Academy provides online cybersecurity courses at an affordable price. Students can access dozens of interactive labs as well as courses on a wide range of topics. While many cybersecurity training programs focus on a narrow set of topics, Pentester Academy provides students with a wide range of technical cybersecurity courses available online. Some of the popular topics taught at Pentester Academy include Python, x86 shellcoding, and Linux forensics, as well as buffer overflows.

Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate

The program consists of more than 100 hours of training and hundreds of hands-on, practice-based assessments to help you immerse yourself in the real world of IT support. The content is interactive and created by Google employees with years of experience in the IT field. A combination of video tutorials, assessments, and on-site labs will teach you the fundamental IT skills needed for entry-level roles, such as troubleshooting, customer support, networking, operating systems, and security.

As we step into 2024, these top 10 online cybersecurity courses for beginners will equip individuals looking to make a career in cybersecurity. The curriculum of courses also offers hacking skills, network security, incident management, and ethical hacking.

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