Top 10 Cybersecurity Companies and Service Providers in 2023

Top 10 Cybersecurity Companies and Service Providers in 2023

Here's a list of companies and service providers that work for cybersecurity and are at the top tier in 2023

Protecting sensitive data and important systems from online threats is known as cybersecurity. Cybersecurity measures also referred to as information technology (IT) security, are intended to counter attacks on networked systems and applications, whether those threats come from within or outside of an organization. Globally, a data breach cost an average of US$ 3.86 million in 2020, whereas it cost an average of US$ 8.64 million in the United States. The costs of finding and addressing the breach, the price of downtime and lost revenue, and the long-term reputational harm to a company and its brand are among these charges. Here's a list of the top 10 cybersecurity service providers in 2023.

1. Packetlabs Ltd: To help you safeguard your most important assets-your data and your customers-they provide a range of services, including infrastructure penetration testing, web and mobile application testing, social engineering, Security QA, red team exercises, source-code reviews, compromise assessments, and breach response.

2. Edge Networks: Edge networks aid in network security analysis to guarantee that operations are always secured. Its services include continuous network and server performance enhancements as well as network monitoring, maintenance, and auditing. They also offer an analysis of access control to ensure that only authorized users can access data.

3. Under Defense: The Under Defense team is made up of skilled and qualified cybersecurity specialists who work with enterprise-class organizations to offer a full range of engineering services and solutions for cyber security, such as cyber security assessments, compliance audits, product advisory services, threat and vulnerability management, incident detection and response, network & security architecture, implementation, and much more.

4. Framework Securities: Framework Securities builds comprehensive cybersecurity plans and offers ongoing help to close vulnerabilities and keep your business safe. preventing security breaches as a result.

5. Since 2010, Aligned Technology Solutions has assisted businesses in utilizing and managing technology to expand and secure their operations. An acknowledged leader in the field of technology services, aligned offers specialized and all-encompassing IT solutions for IT Outsourcing, Cybersecurity, Compliance, and Cloud Solutions. A fundraising consulting company receives IT and cybersecurity services from Aligned Technology Solutions. Additionally, they offer networking opportunities and strategy consulting to the company's tech partners.

6. Bytagig as a company has a strong love for small businesses. They operate under the tenet that every company, no matter how little, how start-up, or how established, needs professional IT advice. staging Provides your company with a variety of services, including server installation and maintenance, desktop setup and support, Microsoft Office assistance, IT project management, and more. Bytagig operates both online and locally in the Portland Metro region, which stretches from Salem to Vancouver.

7. Leading managed services provider TPx is changing how businesses expand, compete, and communicate. TPx provides a comprehensive range of managed IT, unified communications, network connection, and security services and has the expertise to address even the most challenging IT issues.

8. Sekurno is a virtual cybersecurity department that offers assistance to companies in obtaining security certifications and protecting themselves from monetary or reputational losses. They provide security services focused on identifying security flaws, developing firms' security processes, and implementing security controls to lessen business risks.

9. Datasec is a group of experts with 35 years of combined experience who were pioneers in the provision of staff, services, and solutions for IT governance, information security, cybersecurity, and business continuity. Datasec offers services for Ethical Hacking, Vulnerability Management, Assessment, and Deployment of Cybersecurity and Information Security Frameworks, with the most respected professional credentials.

10. BetterWorld Technology has been a founding and accredited B Company for the past twenty-one years, providing impact-oriented managed IT solutions. BetterWorld focuses on your company's technological requirements while helping the environment and people. BetterWorld's tailored IT solutions help businesses of all sizes, from burgeoning startups to Fortune 500 companies to local, regional, and national non-profits.

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