MetaVRse: Navigating the New Frontier of AR/VR Technology to Democratize Education Worldwide

MetaVRse: Navigating the New Frontier of AR/VR Technology to Democratize Education Worldwide

MetaVRse is on a mission to democratize education globally by 2037. The company is building LearnOS, a new operating system for future-proof learning that leverages exponential technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, virtual, augmented and mixed reality (XR) to deliver the most effective, efficient training for organizations and individuals around the world. It is a family of companies all serving one mission and vision:

•  MetaVRse – Exponential enterprise training

•  LearnOS – Operating system for future-proof learning

•  XR Ignite – Community hub and virtual-accelerator

•  XR for Business – News aggregator, podcast, book

Additionally, MetaVRse aims to change how the world's organizations and individuals learn, train and transform using exponential technologies. The company's values comprise of Human-First design, ROI-driven, Relentless innovation, Transparency, Accountability, Honesty, Openness, and Respect for every person on the planet.

MetaVRse was formed in 2016 with a long-term vision of creating a new scalable system for learning that could be provided at low cost. Since inception, the company has created many world 'firsts' including; VR Photobooth, WebAR, ARPortal and 360° video platform. With each innovation, its team became more adept at building technology fast.

MetaVRse's primary goal is enterprise training with a focus on employee on-boarding, retail sales enablement, soft skills, employee health and safety, and hands-on training.

Meet the Proactive Leaders

The Founders of MetaVRse, Alan & Julie Smithson have been working together for over 15 years and married for 20. They have built many successful companies and have a joint vision to use XR and AI to deliver the best education possible.

Alan Smithson, MetaVRse's CEO is the host of the XR For Business Podcast and a mentor for Techstars and TKS, a program for youth to explore exponential technologies. Alan is a Top LinkedIn Influencer in XR (>1M views per month), SXSW XR Advisor, IEEE Mixed Reality Ethics Committee member, Auggie Awards Judge. He is also a TEDx keynote speaker on education and technology.

Julie Smithson, MetaVRse Founder is the Director of XR Ignite, Co-President of VR/AR Association (Toronto), 5G and Education Committee Chair and global evangelist for XR and Education. She is also a keynote speaker on education and technology.

Leveraging AR/VR Technology to Develop Better Service

MetaVRse is creating a new platform that leverages all new technologies (VR/AR/AI/5G/Blockchain) to deliver the best possible learning, training, and education. Working with Fortune 500 companies, MetaVRse helps organizations develop internal teams to create content that drives real ROI. Most projects are currently in the pilot or proof-of-concept (POC) phase, but preliminary results are showing 25-100% improvements over traditional training systems.

Rapid Disruptive Advances Empower the World

In the next 10 years, over half of all jobs will be completely new.  With rapid advances like 5G and cloud/edge computing, people will move towards a world where the computer screens will break free of the confines of the rectangle screen and the world will be visualized in 3D in context to the world around you. Processing power will be shifted from 'on-device' to 'on-cloud' which will make spatial computing more powerful, less expensive and more scalable.

AI is giving rise to a new renaissance where it is no longer about what one knows because Google provides the entire world's knowledge in a few clicks. The new economy will be based on how people use the knowledge to deliver results. This is where virtual, augmented and mixed reality (XR) combined with 5G edge computing will give real-time context to the world around people allowing humans to become more effective at nearly everything they do.

Collaborative Efforts of Strategic Partnerships

MetaVRse is focused on long-term, strategic partnerships that leverage the collective strengths of many companies to deliver on the mission to 'democratize education globally by 2037'. They believe that the best inventions are yet to come and if the industry can help startups leverage their strengths to build better products and help corporations work with these startups more effectively, it can change the world together. This is why MetaVRse started XR Ignite, a community hub and virtual accelerator to bring the community together and XR For Business to educate the business world about how to leverage these technologies.

Prominent Recognition in the Industry

Since 2016, MetaVRse has been nominated for VR Startup of the Year, Startup of the Year, accepted to the Museum of the Future Accelerator (Dubai), Named TechWeeks's Top 100 Startups, delivered over 75 XR projects and become a formidable brand within the XR space.

In 2019, XR Ignite community hub and virtual accelerator were formed to foster rapid growth in the industry with over 60 of the world's top XR/AI mentors. XR For Business is a podcast and news aggregator that has interviewed more than 80 industry leaders who are leveraging XR technologies to improve business from retail to training.

A Vision for The Future

MetaVRse envisions VR/AR/XR/AI becoming part of everyday life. Everyone will wear glasses by 2025 that create a new digital layer of data all around them giving every person super-human abilities. Until that time, the company is working on the building blocks that drive innovation forward. Using VR to train people is the most efficient means of education ever created and when it is combined with advanced AI algorithms to deliver this learning in a hyper-personalized, contextual way, once can create a world where every human has the opportunity to solve the planet's biggest challenges.

Over the next 10 years, more wealth will be created than the entire previous human history. The issue is that this wealth will continue to become disproportionately distributed to fewer companies, people and organizations. MetaVRse believes that by using exponential technologies to empower every human, they can level the playing field and create a collective mindset that acts in a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable way. This is MetaVRse's vision for the future.

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