XRP and Floki Inu Did it, but Can MoonBag Presale Recreate History


Are you still scratching your head and wondering where to invest in crypto? Agreeably, staying up to date with the trends and news of crypto trading is a daunting task. But some coins shine instantly the moment they step into the game. And one such coin is the MoonBag coin (MBAG).

The MoonBag Presale, with its exciting journey to the cosmos planned by the adorable monkey, has a lot in store for crypto traders. With its prudently devised liquidity plans and aim to build a strong community, MoonBag is launching a coin that is set to be ground-breaking in the crypto universe.

Unlike XRP and Floki Inu, which have had a rough run over the past few years, MoonBag coin offers stability and a promising future. With a lawsuit in the hands of XRP and the quirky image of meme coins, let’s see how MoonBag impresses the masses with its lunar voyage!

XRP and the SEC Lawsuit

XRP has had a bumpy journey with tremendous booms and steady declines. However, with the lawsuit tailgating XRP’s fate, all is not so rosy.

In Dec 2023, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against Ripple, claiming it had violated laws by trading in the XRP token. Later, the court ruled partially in favour of Ripple while agreeing with the notion of SEC that Ripple did violate certain rules.

Since the crypto world is overly sensitive to traders' sentiment, this has not been good for XRP. Most investors and enthusiasts are currently cautious about buying XRP since the lawsuit is still pending court hearings.


Floki Inu and its Striking Three-Pillared Philosophy

Named after Elon Musk’s dog, Floki Inu (FLOKI) is a meme coin - but its community likes to disagree. The Floki Inu loyalists call it a movement!

Floki Inu was launched in June 2021 and has since gained a fair amount of followers and fame. It is a multi-chain coin that functions on both the Ethereum and Binance blockchains.

Floki Inu is backed by a three-pillar ideology, including meme reputation, usage, and charitability. But while Floki Inu purports strong community backing, the exceptionally huge market supply leads to an extremely low token price. Also, Floki Inu levies a 3% mandatory tax on its trading, making investors wary of using it for bulk transactions.


Plan Your Vacay to the Moon with the Exciting MoonBag Presale!

If you are sceptical about investing in meme crypto projects because of the lack of seriousness attached, MoonBag coin is your answer! But how?

The MoonBag presale is not just any other meme coin coming into existence. Numerous other coins often need to address liquidity concerns, so MoonBag coin has devised a robust approach to address this.

The MoonBag launch proclaims a total liquidity of $3.5 million planned to be injected into the market in six separate episodes—an initial $1 million on launch and another $2.5 million in five different instalments. The smart contract will allocate 20% of the initial presale funds to a liquidity wallet to support this.

However, every $0.5 million added after launch is only for buyback and burning. The focal aim is to increase coin scarcity and maintain stable prices and growth. Moreover, this lunar voyage offers a 15000% return on your presale investment.

With investor concern at heart, the adorable MoonBag monkey aims to provide a stable, strong, community-backed crypto that is stable and offers huge gains. Team coins are currently locked; however, individual coins are up for grabs!



Investing in the right cryptos requires knowing which coins to buy and when to buy them. It also requires understanding the features of different coins, such as Floki Inu's tax levy, and staying up to date with the latest happenings, such as the lawsuit on XRP.

Nonetheless, when discussing ideal timing, presales offer a fantastic launchpad for your gains to soar. With the MoonBag presale, you have the perfect opportunity to invest in and stabilise your digital assets. It has a lot to offer, and with its robust liquidity strategy, MoonBag coin differentiates itself from the typical crypto crowd.


Invest In MoonBag Presale

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