With SHIB And DOGE Still Trending Down, Analysts Predict That New 100X Altcoin Raboo Is Poised To Dominate


It is an extremely volatile period in the cryptocurrency market tokens such as Shiba Inu (SHIB) have plummeted 75% from their ATH. Even Dogecoin (DOGE) isn’t doing much better and has tumbled over 80% from theirs. But hold on crypto enthusiasts! Experts are discussing a fresh new artificial intelligence-based coin known as Raboo. This project may confidently increase by 100x after launch. Are you interested in knowing more about this game changing  project? Read on to get more details

SHIB trending down

Do you recall the mania over the Shiba Inu (SHIB) in 2021? It looked as if everyone was trying to run after the tail of that pup. However, over the past week, it has been in constant decline as it traded below 70% of the respective all-time high.

Well, what can be the reason that SHIB is struggling now? Some people have criticized this aspect by arguing that there is minimal practical application of the token. While some other cryptos are purchased and used to buy goods or to power amazing technology, this is not the case with SHIB. Some people argue that the issue lies in the fact that there are many SHIB tokens in circulation – so many in fact that it becomes difficult for its value to rise. Regardless of the cause, the decline of SHIB has led many traders to experiment in search of the next successful cryptocurrency.

DOGE trending down

DOGE, one of the biggest meme coins of 2021 is having some issues at the moment. After going as high as $0.70, it fell to $0.12, which is an 82% decline. This slump isn't just DOGE's story - the entire crypto market has been shaky. But even within the memecoin world, DOGE seems to be declining fast.

Some reasons for DOGE's struggles? The broader crypto market downturn certainly isn't helping. But more importantly, the relevancy of DOGE among investors is being put to the test. Unlike many other projects with practical uses, DOGE appears to be an empty and unproductive project. This lack of clear purpose is driving investors towards projects with stronger fundamentals and better growth potential.

So, what does the future hold for DOGE? It's a guessing game. The future of any cryptocurrency remains unpredictable and unknown. But one thing's clear: To avoid such a fate, DOGE must expand its existence beyond the simple association with memes.

AI-powered Raboo coin set for 100x gains

Forget the DOGE and the Shiba Inu slump, Raboo coin, powered by cutting-edge AI, is making waves as the next potential goldmine for crypto investors. While Dogecoin and Shiba Inu struggle, Raboo's presale is crushing it. The price has already shot up 60% since the first stage, reaching $0.0048 currently. That's impressive, but here's the real kicker: analysts are predicting a whopping 100x surge after launch!

And it's not just hype. Raboo has the numbers to back it up. Over 8,000 users have already registered and more than 2,500 are already Raboo holders. That's a strong community fueling the project. Plus, they've managed to raise $1.6 million during the presale, showing serious investor interest. Raboo is one to keep an eye on.


Amidst SHIB and DOGE’s struggles, Raboo, an AI-powered memecoin is turning heads, with analysts predicting a 100x surge after launch. Its presale is booming, and the price is still on the ground floor. Investors are advised to get in early so that they can make massive profits. Raboo could be your chance to join the memecoin revolution and make a massive profit.

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