WienerAI Breaks the $1 Million Mark in Pre-Sale - Could This Be the Next Meme Coin Sensation?


Meme coins, a whimsical category within the realm of cryptocurrencies, draw inspiration from internet memes, infusing digital assets with a dose of humor and novelty. Originating from light-hearted beginnings and navigating unpredictable paths, meme coins embody the playful essence of online culture, presenting a blend of entertainment and investment potential. After Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Pepe, many new meme coins appeared on the market, trying to outperform them. WienerAl ($WAI) is one of the newest meme coins that broke the $1.4 million mark in its pre-sale, showing potential to go viral and become a new meme coin sensation.

WienerAl Embraces Al Technology

Meme coins have significantly evolved from their original purpose, which was to entertain. WienerAl depicts a cute wiener dog that instantly awakens positivity but delivers more than pure appearances. This project fuses Al with blockchain and humor, so it is more than just a digital asset—it represents the pinnacle of beginner-friendly crypto trading bots. Empowered by predictive technology, an intuitive interface, and boundless functionality, WienerAI propels crypto traders into a realm of advantage, showcasing the genuine potential to outshine all the other meme coins.

This means that everyone will have a chance to ask Al bot a question and get a clear answer regarding the next investment they could make. WienerAl will deliver an unbiased answer after a careful analysis of the market. Besides, this will mean that investors will be able to discover potential gainers quicker, saving time and maximizing their earning potential.

It will also protect investors from falling victim to MEV (Miner Extractable Value) bots, which exploit price variations on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) by preempting your trades to minimize your gains. WienerAI will give investors a chance to stay ahead of every frontrunner. More than just a bot, WienerAI serves as an AI-driven crypto trading companion tailored to provide investors with the competitive edge they've been seeking. In addition, WienerAI operates on a fee-free basis, embracing a decentralized ethos that enables users to optimize their profits.

The current capabilities of AI merely hint at the vast potential awaiting exploration in both the near and distant horizons. That's why WienerAl remains infinitely upgradable, boasting modular technological features. This project is committed to maintaining its position at the forefront of AI technological progress. If you wish to explore everything WienerAl offers, secure your portion of  $WAI tokens in time!

Tokenomics and Roadmap of WienerAl Revealed


WienerAI recognizes the need for assistance to achieve complete supremacy in the decentralized realm. The Sausage Army, a legion of devoted wiener enthusiasts poised to propagate the positivity embodied by WienerAI, is now expanding. With fans multiplying by the thousands, WienerAI's influence continues to expand.

When it comes to tokenomics, there will be 69 billion tokens in circulation in total. During the current pre-sale phase, 30% of tokens are made available to investors, and the pre-sale is already achieving huge success. Staking is one of the most coveted features in the realm of cryptocurrencies, and WienerAI delivers on this front by allocating 20% of the total supply.

The estimated annual rewards currently stand at 655%,  which is pretty generous. $WAI token rewards will be distributed at a rate of 3938 $WAI per Ethereum (ETH) block, spread out over a span of 2 years. In addition, 20% of the funds are reserved for community rewards, 10% for DEX and CEX liquidity, and the remaining 20% will be allocated to marketing efforts.

When it comes to the roadmap of WienerAl, the whitepaper of this project clearly outlines three phases through which this project will evolve. The first phase is already ongoing, and the initial goals of completing the project audit, launching pre-sale, and initiating a marketing campaign are already in motion. During the following phase, a KOL (key opinion leaders) blast is expected to occur, which will surely lead to the expansion of the Sausage Army. Once the project enters the third phase, the token will be listed on reputable exchanges, and the WienerAl bot will be launched. Make sure you join the Sausage Army early since the presale is progressing quickly!


The meme coin market is blossoming, and the crypto market in general is expected to only get better this year. Among the many meme coins available, WienerAl surely shows enormous growth potential that could easily outshine all the others. Since the price of $WAI will gradually increase, make sure you join early investors and profit from this project's appealing features!

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