Which Cryptocurrencies Should You Buy in July 2024?

Navigating July 2024: Top Cryptocurrency Investments and Their Distinct Benefits
Which Cryptocurrencies Should You Buy in July 2024?

The fast-moving landscape of digital assets opens the month of July 2024 to a new chapter for cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts. There are a lot of options available in the market, each with its different prospects and challenges. While you consider which cryptocurrencies to invest in, you want to adopt a strategy that aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance. This article gathers 10 cryptocurrencies to buy in July 2024

Toncoin (TON): Change over the past month: 18%, price: US$7.82. This increase is attributed to the rising interest in the Telegram Open Network—an equity-based decentralized blockchain platform, powered by TON. Toncoin would be liked by those investors who look at the possibility of high potential due to the entry of Telegram into blockchain.

BRETT (Based): The largest mover on this list — rose 39% to US$0.1463 in just 30 days. The cause of such a huge run-up might be attributed to a mix of increased hype or particular developments within the BRETT ecosystem. However, since this coin doesn't attract much attention, it becomes very important to read further about the purpose and the long-term goals of BRETT before evangelizing an investment in the coin.

Kaspa: KAS was 16% higher at US$0.174, continuing that uptrend. The privacy-focused cryptocurrency, focusing on anonymity and security above over other factors, might just appeal for some looking for something besides the more established coin varieties. The latest increase kaspa had could also be a sign that projects oriented towards privacy are still of interest in this market.

TRON: At the moment, TRON (TRX) is valued at US$0.1288, which is up 13% during a month. That stability and the continued development put TRON in contention for this space of smart contracts and dApps. Investors targeting a relatively established project that has room to increase in value may want to consider TRON.

Monero: Although it had risen by only 5% in 30 days, to US$166.09, it still outshines some other coins in this privacy sector of coins. With its strong anonymity features, Monero will make service excellent for people in need for higher transactional confidentiality. Stability and a proven record would be the Hallmarks of Monero; growth would not be explosive.

Tether Gold: Naturally, this stablecoin moves with the price of gold. With only a 0.96% increase in 30 days to $2,352.23, Tether Gold represents a basic use case, bestowing investors with exposure to gold on a cryptocurrency platform.

Ethereum Name Service: ENS— a slight rise of 4% in a month to $26.98 — indicates lingering interest in blockchain domain names. ENS makes it fast and easy the way for create human-readable names for blockchain addresses. Modest growth may be, but ENS does fill a particular nook within the crypto space.

MX Token (MX): This token values at US$4.29, a rise of 2% in 30 days. With just one data point, it's very difficult to pinpoint exactly what drove this movement. Additional research on the project background information and MX Token functionalities is required before deciding to invest.

BinaryX (BNX): The token is trading at US$1.01, up 3% in a month. In representing the kind of price action demonstrated by MX Token, there isn't enough data to determine what exactly is weighing on its risen performance. Much like what will happen moving forward with BinaryX, a deeper understanding of the goals and what they apply toward is necessary.

Popcat (SOL): This cryptocurrency market is filled with innovations, sometimes with a touch of fun. The symbol itself says a lot—POPCAT, making Popcat an unusual entry in the market. It is trading at US$0.4805. It has had a positive surge of 7% in the last 30 days, by moderate standards.

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