What’s Your Thought on Robot Football? US Nvidia Chip Ban Threatening Beijing’s AI Ambitions! Tech Market Roundup

What’s Your Thought on Robot Football? US Nvidia Chip Ban Threatening Beijing’s AI Ambitions! Tech Market Roundup

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What's new today: Indian citizen pleads guilty in first-ever cryptocurrency insider trading case in the US; SEC plans a move to address faster crypto filings by opening two more offices.

Fast-Trach Insights: NIH launches the Bridge2AI program to expand the use of AI in biomedical and behavioral research; What's your thought on Robot football? Why the US Nvidia chip ban is a direct threat to Beijing's artificial intelligence ambitions?

Nikhil Wahi, a citizen of India residing in Seattle, on Monday pleaded guilty to wire fraud conspiracy and wire fraud in connection with a scheme to commit insider trading in cryptocurrency assets by using confidential Coinbase information about which crypto assets were scheduled to be listed on Coinbase's exchanges.

The Department of Corporate Finance's Disclosure Review Program (DRP) joins hands with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to support corporate finance and crypto filings. A recent statement by the director of the Division of Corporation Finance, Renee Jones, reveals that the SEC plans to open up two more offices by this fall to tackle the influx of filings under crypto assets and industrial applications. This move was taken as many bigger players intend to expand their crypto assets, and reviewing crypto filings at a higher pace has become harder for the SEC.

The National Institutes of Health will invest US$130 million over four years, pending the availability of funds, to accelerate the widespread use of artificial intelligence by the biomedical and behavioral research communities. The NIH Common Fund's Bridge to Artificial Intelligence (Bridge2AI) program is assembling team members from diverse disciplines and backgrounds to generate tools, resources, and richly detailed data responsive to AI approaches.

The complexities of football make it a challenging feat for artificial intelligence and autonomous technologies. The International RoboCup Federation organizes robot football matches and publishes scientific papers on machine learning. Experts note that advances in robotic football have significant implications for other forms of automation.

The US government's sudden decision last month to restrict Nvidia from selling its two most advanced chips, the A100 and the upcoming H100, to clients in China has sent jitters across China's AI, cloud computing, and smart vehicle sectors, as there is no immediate substitute for the Nvidia GPUs that train AI models for autonomous driving, semantic analysis, image recognition, weather variables, and big data analysis, according to industry insiders and tech analysts.

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