UXLINK Becomes the World’s Largest Group-based Web3 Social Platform

UXLINK Becomes the World’s Largest Group-based Web3 Social Platform

According to UXLINK's official website and on-chain data, UXLINK has covered 86,989 groups, with nearly 7 million users in the groups, of which 29,051 groups have mint their own GGraph (group's on-chain graph) and GWallet (group's on-chain wallet) on the blockchain, making UXLINK the world's largest social platform based on Web3 groups.

UXLINK brings high user growth through RWS protocol and Link To Earn trust mechanism, and integrates Web3 mainstream application scenarios such as MPC- AA wallet, EOA account, UX Swap, UX Task, etc. into acquaintance socialization Dapp and lands in groups, and the number of EOA accounts in the whole network has already exceeded 9 million.

Web3 powered groups can connect Web3 applications through GWallet (the chain wallet of groups) and interact with Dapps as groups, enriching the interaction roles of the WEB3 ecosystem; at the same time, GGraph (the chain graph of groups) is a social graph constructed on the basis of group relationships, providing an accessible data base for group-based application scenarios.

A Web3 GameFi developer said, "Web3 powered groups are a disruptive form of traffic organization, i.e., they have the spirit of Web3 and are fully in line with human nature. Users get trust scenarios, timely interactions and free customer service in groups, and are more likely to participate in products and projects; as a developer, you can utilize protocols + groups not only to get new users, but also to get more user interactions and feedback".

UXLINK is an innovative web3 social platform designed for mass adoption, aiming to be the largest web3 social network and social infrastructure for Dapps and developers. In contrast to most web3 social projects that often form following/one-way relationships, UXLINK focuses on real-world social/two-ways relationship and enables real-time interactions between users with users, Dapps with users by innovative Groups tools and protocols.

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