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The cryptocurrency market appears to be finally leaving the downtrend with increasingly bullish performance in the past few weeks. The top 5 cryptocurrencies that have engineered a bullish outlook in recent weeks are KangaMoon, Bitcoin Cash, Hedera, Render, and Arbitrum. These are crypto gems that have done incredibly well in the past and are on course to do better as we approach the bull market. Because of the closeness to the huge rally, these tokens are a must-have for investors looking to triple their earning potential in Q2 2024.

Best Crypto Gems To Add To Portfolio in Q2 2024

  • KangaMoon - A meme coin projecting the future of Web3 gaming

  • Bitcoin Cash - A Bitcoin hard fork giving way for easier and faster transaction

  • Hedera - A blockchain network allowing for seamless creation of decentralized applications

  • Render - A blockchain network providing GPU services to artists and entertainers

  • Arbitrum - An Ethereum Layer 2 with high speed, greater efficiency, and improved scalability

KangaMoon (KANG)

As the market begins to move out of the wilderness, KANG is our first pick for a huge rally in Q2 2024. KangaMoon takes inspiration from three different crypto niches as it combines GameFI and SocialFi functionalities into its meme coin features. As such, it not only appeals to meme lovers, it also found a strong connection with folks who love social interaction and play-to-earn gaming.

Apart from these narratives, KangaMoon also boasts a strong community comprising gamers, spectators, and investors. Each of these is regarded as key stakeholders that help push the success of the project with huge amounts of KANG tokens allocated to reward them. As one of the new cryptos, KangaMoon ROI reward is arguably one of the best cryptos to buy in the industry, giving as much as 400% profit to early buyers.

Another reason investors should quickly grab their chance with KangaMoon is its potential to be the future of gaming. Its blend of three-dimensional features places it far above its competitors. For an investor willing to be part of this groundbreaking project, a purchase of its native KANG token, which is sold for $0.025 could be the best crypto investment you'll make in 2024.

With over $6.6M raised from the ongoing presale, a user base exceeding 20k and active holders of more than 6k, KangaMoon has come to stay in the crypto market and is one of the top crypto coins to invest in right now. In order to top up their earnings, KangaMoon gives potential buyers a 10% bonus at every stage of the campaign, enabling them to maximize their profit. As we near the bull run, KangaMoon is hitting new heights and could be the best new crypto to invest in Q2 2024.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

For whoever wants to trade Bitcoin but can not, due to lack of funds, Bitcoin Cash is another token that has a touch of the original Bitcoin, making it a top crypto to buy. As a hard fork of Bitcoin, BCH transcends BTC in faster transactions, lower gas fees, and greater anonymity. One key attribute of Bitcoin Cash is that individuals can safely perform transactions on the blockchain without revealing their identity and without the need for third parties.

As such, it is greatly admired by investors who crave anonymity in their transaction dealings. After the bearish correction of the past two months, BCH has been trending positively in the past few weeks. As the market begins to get bullish, Bitcoin Cash begins to receive an uptick, making the likelihood of a long-term recovery possible. As projected by analysts, this newfound momentum could see the Bitcoin Cash price hit 4 figures in Q2.

Hedera (HBAR)

Hedera is a decentralized public network paving the way to create sustainable and enterprise-ready decentralized applications. Whilst foremost blockchains grapple with the problem of instability and slow performance, Hedera is designed to solve these problems by creating a more efficient system. Its native token HBAR is used across the network for transactions and to reward investors. Particularly, it powered many Hedera services including smart contracts, making it a key component of the network.

Its use cases that encompass different platforms have seen HBAR rise significantly in the past few weeks. The token has a decent $3.9 billion in market cap with Hedera trading volume also experiencing an increase. Since its launch, the Hedera network has processed over 50 billion mainnet transactions, justifying the confidence of investors in the token. With platforms such as Hitachi America, Mondelez, and BitGo joining Hedera to project the future of Web3 integration, HBAR remains a good crypto to buy for a huge leap.

Render (RNDR)

In a decentralized global network, Render is the go-to when it comes to graphics processing unit (GPU) services. The Render network offers GPU services to artists and entertainers, allowing them to contribute their quota to the development of a decentralized economy. As an ERC-20 token, RNDR is super important to the Render ecosystem. It is used to pay for animation, motion graphics, and other types of visual effects on the network.

Despite the fluctuating market, the Render token has performed excellently, holding sway as one of the best coins to invest in. At a $4 billion market cap, RNDR has a lot of room for growth, making it a suitable investment for long-term traders. The token is among the top 40 cryptos in terms of trading volume based on data from CoinMarketCap. With computer GPU remaining an object of attraction, the Render token will continue to stay attractive to investors.

Arbitrum (ARB)

Arguably, Arbitrum is the top layer 2 network helping to scale Ethereum and making it accessible to users cheaply. The platform's key focus revels in its lower gas fee, faster transactions, and high efficiency. Arbitrum has seen growing adoption ever since its launch in 2021, crossing $2 in Jan 2024. With growing ecosystems such as Arbitrum Nova and Arbitrum One, the ARB token is a must-have token for investors.

The platform has outgrown its competitors with a high jump in the number of active addresses and daily transactions. Ranked among the top 50 in the CoinMarketCap chart, Arbitrum's $2.7 billion market cap reveals that the token has a lot of room to grow. With the anticipated approval of Ethereum ETF, the Arbitrum price could reach $5 in Q2 of 2024.

Final Thought

The article headlines the list of crypto gems that are currently doing well and are projected to do better in the coming months. By unearthing these tokens, investors can easily take a clue and position themselves as appropriate. However, the duty of further research is upon investors as the market dynamics are constantly changing and the projection may slightly change in the coming weeks.

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