Uniswap (UNI) Surge Sparks DeFi Excitement, Rollblock (RBLK) and Stacks (STX) Set to Benefit


In the growing DeFi Market, Uniswap coin has led the broader market surge, sparking optimism in the community. The automated market maker has also introduced innovative solutions into the DeFi space, aiming to revolutionize how liquidity is managed and used in the ecosystem. Other DeFi coins that have the potential to benefit from the same rally are Rollblock (RBLK) and Stacks (STX).

With a fully fledged live casino backing the crypto presale, many experts suspect Rollblock could become the next 100x token of 2024. Alongside RBLK, STX has also positioned itself for an upcoming rally. Let’s find out why!

Rollblock (RBLK): The Best New DeFi Coin

DeFi coins like Rollblock (RBLK) are set to capitalize on the current bullish market to reach new highs. The new project has gained attention for its unique revenue share model and robust presale performance. Currently, the DeFi coin has pumped 40% and is now sitting at a mode price of $0.014. This marks a 40% ROI in price value from its initial offering of $0.010. Additionally, Rollblock has raised over $760,000 and now targets the $0.05 mark by the end of June.

With the current momentum, experts see RBLK making further gains of 100x in the coming months. Essentially, the DeFi project introduces a robust ecosystem to bridge the gap between decentralized and centralized games, allowing users to enjoy the best of both worlds. The igaming project will enable gamers to play various casino and poker games for huge winnings.

For those who don’t know, the igaming project applies blockchain technology to address inherent issues that face traditional casinos, including security, efficiency, and transparency. The Rollblock platform has an easy sign-up process that doesn’t require KYC verifications for privacy and convenience, an aspect that has sparked excitement in the broader cryptocurrency market.

What’s more interesting is its innovative revenue share model. For context, Rollblock will use up to 30% of its weekly revenue to buy back tokens from the open markets. Half of these tokens would be burned, promoting scarcity and buying pressures, propelling the value of RBLK. The other half would be used for staking rewards, giving holders some of the best passive income opportunities. With this view, Rollblock has been tipped as the best crypto to buy now.

Uniswap v2 Pools Experiences Reduced Activities

While Layer 2 solutions have become popular due to their lower transaction fees, Uniswap v2 pools have witnessed a drastic decline in trading volume on the said networks. In any case, these pools have surpassed the volume of Ethereum’s Mainnet. The recent decline is attributed to Base, another Layer 2 solution created by Coinbase.

Remarkably, Base has garnered over 95% of all Layer 2 transactions. Despite Uniswap v2’s advancements, its price has also fallen. In any case, the price of Uniswap has been gaining momentum and could potentially break out in the coming months. With this view, many analysts are bullish about the DeFi coin, making it a promising investment prospect and potentially becoming the best DeFi coin to buy now.

Stacks (STX): Leading BTC Into DeFi Future

While Bitcoin was the original crypto and corresponding blockchain, its DeFi functionalities were blocked up until the launch of Stacks (STX). Many experts believe DeFi on Bitcoin could potentially become a trillion-dollar opportunity, and Stacks is positioned to benefit from this.

Remarkably, Stacks has recorded new record highs in new and active addresses, and with the current DeFi Market momentum, this altcoin is positioned to gain further. With this view, experts have made bullish Stacks price predictions suggesting that it would reach $10 by the end of this year, making it among the best cryptos to invest in now.

Will Rollblock Disrupt the DeFi Market?

While the DeFi market gains prominence, Rollblock, Uniswap, and Stacks are emerging as the top picks for the best DeFi coin projects. They offer impressive innovation and massive potential growth. However, Rollblock (RBLK) stands out as a frontrunner with its passive income opportunities, ambitious roadmap and tokenomics, and higher potential for growth.

Discover the exciting opportunities of the Rollblock (RBLK) presale today!

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