TRON and ICP Battle Instability; Meme Coin Sensation Outshines Top 20 Cryptos

TRON and ICP Battle Instability; Meme Coin Sensation Outshines Top 20 Cryptos

All new projects dream of joining the top 20 cryptos by market cap, but few have the arsenal to triumph. However, while established names in the crypto market suffer instability, a newcomer with genuine potential to join the top 20 cryptos waits in the wings.

Recent drops in the Tron price and ICP have hit investor confidence, while Raboo, currently 66% through the third stage of its crypto ICO, shines with its 100x growth potential.

Tron price dips amid SEC challenges

While the crypto market turns bullish, the Tron price has come under pressure recently. Now trading at just $0.1138, a drop of almost 10% from a week ago at the time of writing, Tron faces a battle to retain its place in the top 20 cryptos list.

Many analysts have attributed this Tron price drop to scrutiny from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Amid an investigation into the sale of TRX tokens with accusations of market manipulation leveled at its founder, Justin Sun, investors have begun to turn away from this project, prompting the dip in the Tron price.

Internet Computer’s battle to remain stable intensifies

The Internet Computer was founded by Dfinity and established itself in the top 20 cryptos with its innovative approach to driving Web3 interoperability. Although Internet Computer recently launched a $15 million accelerator program to help promising startups, and with the imminent integration of Bitcoin-based DeFi functions ahead, Internet Computer faces a battle to remain in the top 20 cryptos by market cap.

As it comes under pressure from DeFi newcomers on the marketplace, experts wonder whether the Internet Computer’s race as one of the top 20 cryptos is run and if it can reap the rewards of the AI crypto boom currently sweeping the market.

Meme coin newcomer, Raboo, brings top 20 crypto potential

As these established names battle to remain among the top 20 cryptos, a newcomer is causing waves among the thriving meme coin sector during its rapidly selling presale.

Raboo, a brand-new idea in the meme coin market, brings a unique fusion of AI and SocialFi mechanics to the crypto sector. Users can use the proprietary AI-powered Rabooscan tool to create custom memes before monetizing their content via their social media platforms with its unique Post-to-Earn initiative.

Meanwhile, users will be part of Raboo’s thriving 6, 800+ member-strong community by participating in several SocialFi schemes, which include regular giveaways, competitions, and collaborations.

With an NFT collection in development and governance voting rights being offered to token holders, it’s no wonder the Raboo presale is making tremendous progress. The presale price has already risen 40% to $0.0042, with over $1.4 million already raised. As experts predict potential 100x returns once Raboo goes public, this meme coin upstart is already on its way to breaking into the top 20 cryptos.


2024 has seen bullish sentiment hit the crypto market, yet projects have to stand out more than ever to thrive. While ICP stutters and the Tron price plummets, Raboo’s unique fusion of AI and SocialFi mechanics brings it to the surface of AI crypto prospects this year.

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