Traders Scooping up THORChain and KangaMoon, As CoinGecko Lists KANG In Anticipation of CEX Listing


Amidst the current frenzy and volatility in the cryptocurrency market, traders frantically rush to THORChain due to its recent impressive performance. In the same vein, traders are looking to scoop up KangaMoon (KANG) after listing on the major exchange, CoinGecko with an imminent CEX listing on the horizon.

THORChain (RUNE) Interoperability Feature Provides an Edge In The Altcoin Market

THORChain’s journey in the cryptocurrency market has been quite immaculate with the token recording a significant rise in value. Since its establishment in 2018, THORChain (RUNE) has provided a suitable platform for users to exchange assets across various blockchains without hassle. The decentralized exchange has grown to be a top network in the DeFi space, making it one of the best crypto coins to buy.

In the last year, RUNE token witnessed a notable surge, rising above 500%. Since then the token has continued on an upward trajectory despite the bear market. Aside from this, its trading volume has surged by a considerable amount, highlighting its dominance in the market. Its amazing features have also contributed immensely to its growth, with its cross-chain and interoperability features.

While RUNE price continues to enjoy its upward trajectory, analysts have predicted a coming surge for the token. Furthermore, traders are trooping into the THORChain network with the token witnessing massive adoption and investor interest. All these and many more have strengthened its appeal in the altcoin market, making it a top choice among traders.

KangaMoon (KANG) Secures CoinGecko Listing, Traders Rush To Gather KANG

KangaMoon’s emergence into the cryptocurrency market has marked a revolutionary change for the meme coin market. With a very successful presale, KangaMoon (KANG) has piqued the interest of traders and crypto enthusiasts throughout the market. KangaMoon’s unique plan of merging GameFi and SocialFi elements has set it up for excellence, with traders eager to secure a place on its network.

One of KangaMoon’s most unique features is its upcoming Play-to-Earn ecosystem dubbed “Kangaverse”. Through this, KangaMoon creates a suitable environment for users to earn while playing the platform’s game. By engaging in these activities, which may include battle-themed contests, speculative betting and periodic challenges, users stand a chance to earn $KANG, the network’s native token.

Meanwhile, participants can also earn free KANG tokens even before its official launch. Through active engagement and sharing of posts related to the KangaMoon network, users stand a chance to earn the KANG token. Besides, in its bonus presale stage, KangaMoon is already making waves in the meme coin market. The native KANG token has surged by 400% to $0.025 from an initial offering price of $0.005.

Furthermore, the KangaMoon network has raked in a revenue of nearly $7M with a target to reach $8M before the end of the month. This impressive milestones further reflects KangaMoon’s ability to build to build a sustainable and thriving economy for its rapidly-growing community. Currently listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko with upcoming listings on Bitmart and Uniswap, KangaMoon is set to witness an uprising in the coming months.

Will KangaMoon (KANG) Reach The Success of THORChain (RUNE)?

While KangaMoon has witnessed an amazing presale season, its glory days are still on the way, with market experts touting it to surge very soon. This projection isn’t quite farfetched. With an upcoming listing on a top-tier CEX, KangaMoon is set to mirror and probably surpass the success of more established cryptocurrencies.

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