Top Tech News Today: South Africa Regulates Crypto as Financial Assets! SpaceX Rolls Out Starlink for Private Jets

Top Tech News Today: South Africa Regulates Crypto as Financial Assets! SpaceX Rolls Out Starlink for Private Jets

South Africa regulates crypto to treat it as financial assets! Read the top tech news today

Good morning tech fam, here are some quick tech updates for you to catch on to!

What's New Today: The ongoing US-China AI chip is about to induce further volatility in the Asian semiconductor market.

Fast-Track Insights: Dell Technologies and NTT have built a green data center for financial payment service provider PhonePe using liquid immersion technology.

South Africa's financial regulator, the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), has posted a short notice denoting that all cryptocurrencies will now be treated as financial products, enabling them to be regulated. The FSCA called cryptocurrencies the digital representation of value and mandated them to be regulated in the country since the day of the publication of the notice.

Vitalin Buterin introduces a new DIE token to reverse the effects of THE Protocol token. This new protocol is born after the Ethereum creator, tweeted about DIE. Initially, Buterin had joked about launching a project called 'The Protocol', but the community took it upon themselves to mint the token themselves and boost its value. The ongoing trifle between DIE and THE tokens is garnering more attention from investors, who previously were Bitcoin and Ethereum protocols.

Elon Musk's SpaceX is expanding Starlink's purpose into in-flight WiFi services with the rollout on Wednesday of the Starlink aviation, offering customers a US$150,000 airplane antenna amid mounting competition for airborne connectivity. SpaceX is expected to charge customers seeking broadband internet on private jets between US$12,500 to US$25,000 a month for the service, on top of a one-time US$150,000 hardware cost.

PhonePe launches its first green data center in India, with the help of Dell Technologies and NTT using liquid immersion technology, a first-of-its-kind in India. This is a 4.8-megawatt facility that occupies 13,740 sqft at Navi Mumbai, India. The facility is designed with advanced alternative cooling technology like Direct Contact Liquid Cooling and Liquid Immersion Cooling. Only the latest and the best technology is used to create this green data center.

The ongoing US-China chip war is becoming more hostile that the industrialists had further anticipated. Shares in the Asian semiconductor companies are expected to decline in value after the US dramatically increased restrictions on chip exports to China, a few weeks ago. Asian chipmakers are caught in the rising geopolitical tension between the two economic giants.

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