Top Crypto Gainers This Past Week: PYTH, RBLK, and JASMY Lead the Charge


As the crypto industry enters the month of June, notable top crypto coins are already in the running to become the leading gainers in the crypto market. As traders look to position for a profitable month of June, 3 top crypto coins are showing promising signs of triggering a sustained bullish rally in the coming weeks. These coins include Pyth Network (PYTH), Rollblock (RBLK) and JasmyCoin (JASMY). Find out how big the bullish potential of these tokens is below.

Over 70  Million Tokens Sold as Rollblock Establishes Presale Momentum 

Rollblock (RBLK) has set the stage toward a potential rallying trajectory as it sees a record number of tokens bought so far into its RBLK presale phase. For context, Rollblock has sold over 70 million RBLK coins since it announced its presale. Notably, Rollblock has gained 40% in price value so far in its journey.

Meanwhile, experts see a surging rally signal for Rollblock, which has led them to project a 780% price gain potential for the token before the end of July. This makes the token one of the top cryptos to buy now for future profits. It is no wonder that thousands of traders are buying it. The Rollblock is at stage 3 of the presale with the RBLK token sold for just $0.014.

On the other hand, Rollblock’s gaming platform is leading the charge in integrating blockchain technology to make gaming more advantageous to users in the areas of security, scalability, privacy, anonymity, and more. At Rollblock members experience never seen before gaming transparency and flexibility as a result of blockchain integration.

For context, individuals can register on the platform without submitting KYC verification. Also, Rollblock Casino presents better liquidity and innovation, making the gaming experience seamless and enjoyable. Overall, Rollblock is a fully licensed platform that operates across jurisdictions worldwide. With its listing coming in Q3, RBLK's price might hit $1 in Q3, making it one of the best cryptos to invest in for long-term gains.

Pyth Network Price Sets Promising Rallying Signal 

While it is still days into the new month, Pyth Network (PYTH) has started on a positive uptrend, gaining 6% since the start of June. Also, PYTH’s trading volume has surged by over 80% on a day-to-day average since the turn of the month.

The recent bullish sentiment of Pyth Network has filled traders with hope that the token will replicate the rally that saw the PYTH coin reach an all-time peak of $1.15 on March 16. Overall, Pyth Networks' current price trajectory makes it one of the top cryptos to buy in June. Crypto analyst Captain Faibik confirmed that a breakout is imminent with the majority of Pyth Network price predictions tipping the coin to hit $1 in June.

JasmyCoin's Price Experience Surging Rally

JasmyCoin (JASMY) is laying claim as one of the best crypto investments in June with its rallying price trajectory. Having gained over 35% within the past week, JasmyCoin is on course to reach $2 billion in market cap valuation soon.

Notably, the rising market activity of JasmyCoin's trading volume marks the token as a project that will sustain its current rally. With an 88% price gain over the past month, JasmyCoin is one of the tokens to buy for potential significant ROI in the coming weeks.

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