Top Altcoins To Stack In June: Rollblock (RBLK), Wormhole (W), Uniswap (UNI) and Tron (TRX)


The announcement of Ethereum ETFs has sent the altcoin market into a frenzy. Thousands of investors are buying into the market daily, and projects like Wormhole, Uniswap, TRON, and Rollblock are soaring. Rollblock, in particular, has caught the attention of investors. It experienced a 40% rally after selling out the first two stages of its presale in rapid time, and experts believe its returns could go as high as 720% during its presale alone. 

Wormhole Eyes Up $1 During The Next Bull Run 

In less than three months, Wormhole has become one of the top 100 ranked cryptocurrencies. Its market cap has passed $1 billion, and Wormhole currently has a daily trading volume of over $144 million. This significant growth shows that investors are bullish about this new altcoin, with some experts stating it could pass $1 in June.

At the time of writing, Wormhole was trading at $0.65. It has increased in value by 9.95% over the last week following a steep correction in May. Despite its monthly decline, investors remain bullish about ​​Wormhole’s growth, and therefore, Wormhole could be a highly profitable investment for early adopters.

Uniswap Announces Vote Delay

Unlike Wormhole, Uniswap experienced a huge surge in May. Its value increased by 25%, taking Uniswap to $9.47. However, after announcing a delay in a key vote, some Uniswap holders have taken to social media to express their frustration.

The vote is to decide whether or not to update Uniswap’s governance structure and fee mechanism to better reward UNI token holders. However, concerns from a stakeholder has caused the vote to be delayed.

Should the vote pass, it could have a huge impact on the Uniswap ecosystem and Uniswap holders, and therefore stakeholders are taking a cautious approach to the decision.

TRON Enhances Cross-Chain Connectivity

The TRON Network recently integrated with LayerZero. This integration lets TRON decentralized applications integrate with over 70 blockchain networks, significantly increasing TRON’s accessibility.

Developers on other LayerZero supported networks will now have the option to bring their projects onto the TRON mainnet, which enhances TRON’s appeal to the broader DeFi market.

This development has positively impacted on TRONs price, which increased by 2.17% over the last week.

Rollblock Prepares For June Surge 

Rollblock experienced two price increases in May. Its presale gained global traction, with investors praising the GambleFi protocol for its unique application of blockchain technology.

Rollblock applies DeFi to the gambling market with its online casino. The casino is one of the first in the world to offer a revenue share model. Already live and licensed, the Rollblock casino offers over 150 games that can be played with 20+ cryptocurrencies. Games include classics like roulette, slots, and blackjack, and Rollblock will soon add sports betting.

To take part in Rollblock’s revenue share initiative, investors need to buy and stake $RBLK tokens. Stakers will be granted a share in up to 30% of the platform's revenue. To share revenue, Rollblock will actively purchase $RBLK tokens from the open market. Half of the tokens it buys will then be used for rewards, and the remaining half will be burned.

The casino already has hundreds of active players, generating revenue and with sports betting set to launch soon it is obvious that it is only going to continue to increase, putting Rollblock ahead of the majority of presale projects out there.

Rollblock has already raised almost $700k during its presale, and experts believe it could be one of the best performing altcoins of the year. Its utility token, $RBLK, is extremely affordable and is currently selling for just $0.014. Though with experts predicting a potential 100x surge, investors need to get involved early before $RBLK experiences additional growth.

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