Top 5 Staking Cryptos to buy in February 2023

Top 5 Staking Cryptos to buy in February 2023

Crypto staking is a way of opening up new revenue streams while investing in the longer-term future of a project. While staking won't provide rewards if the value of the coins you're holding falls to $0, it is an excellent way to let your crypto portfolio work for you with minimum effort. The key to successful staking is to stake tokens likely to retain their value or increase in the long run.

What is staking?

Staking is a way of locking up tokens to allow transactions in a proof-of-stake (PoS) network to be validated. These tokens help maintain the network's security and provide a return against the staked cryptos, typically similar to interest received on a traditional bank savings account.

With PoS networks proving significantly greener, with only 0.01% energy emissions from older proof-of-work (PoW) networks, such as Ethereum's old blockchain or Bitcoin, token holders must HOLD their tokens to see gains.

The trick is to find a balance between tokens that retain their value during bearish market conditions yet offer excellent rewards for staking. Generally, tokens providing between 2 and 20% APR rewards have a good chance of appreciating in the long run and providing investors with rich profits.

These are the best five staking crypto to buy in February 2023:

  1. Chancer (CHANCER)

  2. Shiba Memu (SHIBA MEMU)

  3. AltSignals (ASI)

  4. Metacade (MCADE)

  5. Polkadot (DOT)

1. Chancer — Revolutionizing the betting industry

Chancer is a new, blockchain-driven Web3 betting facilitator and the world's first decentralized predictive market app. Chancer is a betting facilitator, not a betting house, allowing users to create peer-to-peer (P2P) bets. These can be small, friendly bets amongst a small group of people, or huge, viral bets such as predicting the Champions League final result, in which masses of people can participate. The power is truly in the hands of the Chancer community as there is no betting house or bookmaker involved; by removing the middleman, Chancer aims to make betting fairer and more transparent.

Uniquely, Chancer will be channelled by the real-time communication capability of Google-powered WebRTC. The benefits don't stop there. Chancer believes in rewarding its users and will therefore offer CHANCER tokens simply for using the platform, as well as providing a Share2Earn scheme, staking, and discounted fees.

The project has a well-planned roadmap and plenty of ideas that will whet any investor's appetite. Chancer aims to achieve and maintain true decentralization and will be audited by CertiK to ensure this. To do this, Chancer will have a proof of stake consensus mechanism so that no single party can take control of the network. Quadratic governance will hand decision-making over to the platform's users.

For full transparency, Chancer's source code will remain open. To ensure complete impartiality, Chancer will not allow censorship or interference from any single party.

CHANCER has real utility behind it as all bets are made on the platform are fuelled by this crypto, hence the potential for the token to shoot up in price in the future, once this ambitious platform gains traction and popularity. The offering Chancer is presenting the market with looks extremely promising. The betting and gambling industry totalled around $64 billion in 2022 and is only set to grow in the coming years; an investment in a cryptocurrency in this space could be a wise move for investors and bettors alike.

>>> You can find more information, including how to buy Chancer here <<<

2. Shiba Memu — A meme coin fueled by AI

Shiba Memu is a brand new meme coin in the crypto space. It's not just a cute meme coin; it has real utility, unlike other meme coins in the space, such as Dogecoin and Pepe. Shiba Memu combines blockchain and AI technology to generate content marketing, doing the work of 100 marketing agencies at once, making it a marketing powerhouse. Shiba Memu learns from successful marketing strategies, writes its own PR and promotes itself across relevant forums and social networks. 

Shiba Memu will be able to generate content based on the data that its AI continually analyzes, publishing this on several online platforms. It will then monitor and analyze the success of its marketing efforts and adjust them accordingly, constantly learning and improving content in order to optimize results. The automatic nature of Shiba Memu means it's a low maintenance crypto, making it the perfect crypto to earn a passive income.

Unlike other meme coins which rely on initial hype and then drastically lose value, SHIBA MEMU has real utility and could revolutionize the way people approach marketing. It could also help with time-consuming tasks, allowing marketers to focus on other areas of growth. Its clever leveraging of blockchain and AI technology makes it a long-term prospect for any meme fan or crypto enthusiast, and investors would be wise to jump on the hype during the coin's presale.

>>> You can find more information, including how to buy Shiba Memu here <<<

3. AltSignals — Trading signals powered by AI

AltSignals is a trading signals provider that has established itself as an industry leader. Launched in 2017, AltSignals has issued over 1,500 calls in the forex, crypto, and stock market, with an average accuracy of 64%.

Now, AltSignals is ready for the next step in its journey. Its ASI token funds the development of it's latest offering,  ActualizeAI. It aims to leverage a full AI stack to bring the platform's accuracy rate above 80% while offering some incredible benefits to investors. This AI stack will use the latest developments in AI technology, like machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to upgrade the existing AltAlgo™ algorithm. 

By owning ASI, investors will be granted exclusive access to the ActualizeAI algorithm's signals, giving them an edge over others in the financial markets. Those purchasing 50,000 ASI tokens or more will be offered lifetime membership to the ActualizeAI while gaining free access to the existing AltAlgo™ signals service. 

ASI will also offer investors eligibility to join the AI Members Club. This club will allow members to help shape the future of AltSignals and ActualizeAI. As members, they can offer feedback, ideas, and contribute to the platform's development, earning additional ASI tokens as rewards. 

ASI acts as a governance token, allowing holders to propose changes and decide on future updates made to the platform. This direct community engagement helps to ensure that the platform's goals and values align with the traders using its service.

Between the integration of AI and AltSignals boasting a community of 50,000 members, it's clear to see why investing in ASI might be a wise move.

>>> You can find more information, including how to buy AltSignals here <<<

4. Metacade (MCADE) – The best staking crypto to buy

Metacade is a metaverse-based community gaming hub that offers the broadest range of Web3 and play-to-earn (P2E) gaming titles. The aim is for Metacade to become the leading GameFi platform for connecting gamers and developers and being the place of choice for all things metaverse gaming related.

The outstanding P2E mechanics are one of Metacade's prime selling points. However, it's far from the only plus point. Indeed, Metacade has rich earning potential for users outside of the gaming experience. The Compete2Earn scheme ties in with the P2E arm of Metacade's offering by allowing gamers to compete in online tournaments against other seasoned GameFi fans and potentially win a share of lucrative prize pots.

Meanwhile, the Create2Earn initiative allows users to earn passive income by posting game reviews, sharing knowledge, and interacting with other community members. Finally, the Work2Earn program, due to go live in Q1 of 2024, offers users the chance to find the best Web3 and GameFi job opportunities on the hub's interactive careers board.

This earning power is fuelled by several revenue sources, mostly from external sources. These include external advertising, charging external gaming companies to release games on the platform, and gaining revenue from Web3 companies that post vacancies on the jobs board.

Internal revenue comes from MCADE coin holders, who can contribute to the self-sufficient ecosystem by staking their tokens and potentially gaining rewards. To avoid inflating the number of MCADE tokens in circulation and adversely affecting the value of MCADE, Metacade has chosen to use a stablecoin for rewards.

Metacade's plans include those designed to put the platform at the front of GameFi and Web3 gaming innovation through its ground-breaking Metagrants scheme. From Q3 of 2023, developers will be encouraged to submit applications for funding to support the production of new exclusive gaming titles. The community members vote for each submission round, with the most popular receiving a crypto grant to keep the game design and development.

The ultimate goal is for Metacade to transition into a fully-fledged decentralized autonomous application (DAO) by Q4 of 2024. By then, complete control of the platform's governance, treasury, and future direction will be in the hands of MCADE token holders.

Staking in Metacade allows investors to earn passive rewards while watching the world's first virtual gaming arcade develop and take off. With MCADE's value projected to rise significantly once it hits exchanges, potentially beating the $1 barrier in 2023, Metacade is the best staking crypto to buy this year.

>>> You can find more information, including how to buy Metacade here <<<

5. Polkadot (DOT) – The best staking crypto to support interoperability

Polkadot is a platform that has provided a solution to the conundrum of finding interoperability between different blockchains. In short, Polkadot uses parachains, two blockchains in parallel, to enable two blockchains, such as Ethereum and Cardano, to communicate.

The benefits of Polkadot's capability allow fast and scalable transaction speeds and remove the need for a platform to be accountable to a single blockchain provider. Polkadot's native token is DOT, which is used for governance and transaction validation through the platform's rapid and energy-efficient proof of stake (PoS) consensus mechanism.

DOT is still a relatively new token, released in 2020, yet it has quickly risen to become one of the most valuable cryptos in circulation.

Coin holders who choose to stake DOT can run their stake as a validator node. This will see returns of approximately 14.8% if staked directly but nearer 10-12% if staked through a DEX such as Kraken. This will require a minimum stake of 350 DOT. Alternatives include staking up to 80 DOT to become a delegator, yielding around 13.9% per annum. Both options require a lock-in of just 28 days, a superb value for investors seeking quick rewards on their holding.

With Polkadot offering some of the strongest returns of any PoS cryptocurrency and having a bright future thanks to its market-leading interoperability, DOT is the second-best staking crypto to buy.

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