Top 3 Reasons Why Ethereum Prices are Rapidly Exploding

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Continues to Dip

With a 26% increase in just the last seven days, Ethereum is nearing the $4,000 target once again – if the trend continues, it could easily reach it by the end of May.

There are several catalysts responsible for this price increase in the past few weeks, including the ETF rumors, Pectra upgrade news, and Donald Trump’s pro-crypto stance.

But even if Ethereum continues this bull momentum, many investors are focusing on other tokens in their search for massive profits.

To be specific, presale coins like Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE), WienerAI ($WAI), and Sponge V2 ($SPONGE) are all trending with 100x potential rumors.

Let’s check out the details.

Ethereum Exploding Due to These Three Reasons – But These New Presale Coins Could Outperform It

Ethereum is currently hovering around the $3,900 mark and it seems like it’s a matter of days before it crosses the $4,000 point once again.

Ethereum MarketCap

Analysts are attributing this growth to these three things:

  1. SEC Approval for Ethereum Spot ETFs: The SEC's recent approval of the Spot Ethereum ETF has boosted investor confidence. While Ethereum's price fluctuated after the news, the focus is now on this major cryptocurrency. The success of the Spot Bitcoin ETF, which led Bitcoin to a new all-time high in March, has added to the positive sentiment. Investors now expect Ethereum to perform similarly.

  2. Pectra Upgrade News: Ethereum's core developers announced plans to roll out the Pectra upgrade by early 2025. Following the Dencun upgrade from March 2023, Pectra will incorporate the Ethereum Virtual Machine Object Format (EOF) and introduce EIP-7251. This update will allow individual validators to stake up to 2,048 ETH, up from the current limit of 32 ETH. With 11 improvement proposals, Pectra aims to enhance EVM code on both Layer 1 and Layer 2, potentially reducing operational complexity for validators.

  3. Donald Trump Pro-Crypto Comments: In a recent Telegram update, QCP Capital suggested that pro-crypto comments from Donald Trump might have triggered an Ethereum price surge. Investors are shifting focus from Bitcoin to Ethereum, anticipating increased institutional demand once the Spot Ethereum ETF begins trading. Trump emphasized the growth of cryptocurrency firms and aims to position the US as a leader in the digital asset space.

But even despite all of these factors, many in the market believe that new presale tokens like Dogeverse, WienerAI, and Sponge V2 can bring bigger profits in the upcoming period.

Below, we’ll check out why this is the case.

Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE) Brings Real Utility to the Meme Coin Space With Its Multichain Capabilities

The new Dogeverse is making waves as the world’s first multichain meme coin. Used across major blockchains like Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Base, Avalanche, and Solana, Dogeverse allows seamless operation across various ecosystems.


This interoperability improves its usability and sets it apart from the usual single-chain tokens. It’s also centered around the fun and engaging Cosmo the Doge mascot. The token’s presale has been a resounding success, raising over $250,000 within minutes, over $4 million in a week, and currently standing at over $15 million.

Dogeverse is also noted for its strategic tokenomics and ambitious roadmap, making it one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy right now. The token design encourages holding through incentives and staking rewards, promising a sustainable model that improves its value proposition over time.

WienerAI ($WAI) Is Leveraging Popular Meme Culture and Robust AI Trading Bot to Make a Boom in the Market

WienerAI’s standout feature is an AI-powered trading bot built on the Ethereum blockchain, offering a user-friendly interface where users can ask investment-related questions.

For instance, users might inquire about the most promising meme token for the next month. WienerAI scans the market and provides unbiased analyses of relevant coins or tokens.


WienerAI also helps users execute trades at optimal prices across decentralized exchanges (DEXs), protecting them from front-running bots. Acting as an AI assistant, it continuously monitors the market, analyzes data, and predicts promising trades.

The platform offers a robust interface that delivers instant insights and enables seamless, zero-fee token swaps across DEXs, ensuring users don’t miss trade opportunities or fall victim to front-running bots.

WienerAI's whitepaper emphasizes "companionship" and "friendship" as core themes, introducing "The Sausage Army," its community of followers. So far, it raised more than $3.1M.

Sponge V2 ($SPONGE) Hot Presale Ending Soon and the New Upgrades Could Lead to Another 100x Bull Run During the Summer  

Sponge V2 is an exciting upgrade of the $SPONGE meme coin, which previously experienced a remarkable 100x growth.

This update builds on that success by introducing a Stake-to-Bridge mechanism and a P2E game, targeting major crypto exchanges like Binance and OKX for broader market reach.

Sponge V2

Sponge V2 features a user-centric Stake-to-Bridge model, allowing holders of the original $SPONGE to transition their holdings into V2 tokens. This involves staking V1 tokens, which are then locked and converted into V2 tokens, reinforcing the token’s commitment over the next four years with rewards.

To enhance utility, Sponge V2 integrates a new P2E gaming feature, enabling participants to earn $SPONGEV2 tokens through interactive gameplay.

With a strong community base of over 30,000 members and 11,500 token holders, Sponge V2 is well-positioned for broader adoption and engagement.


Ethereum is gearing up for another big bull run due to several factors, but how far can the world’s largest altcoin go?

While some believe it could go up to $5,000 – 6,000, that’s still only a 30% increase on its current price and it’s not going to bring massive gains.

Instead, if you’re looking for profits in the 100x range, you should opt for meme coin presales like Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE), WienerAI ($WAI), and Sponge V2 ($SPONGE).

They’re all currently in their presales, which means you can get them for a fraction of the price they’ll have after listing!

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