Top 10 NFT Restaurants that are Triggering Crypto Usage

Top 10 NFT Restaurants that are Triggering Crypto Usage

This guide will list the top 10 NFT restaurants that are triggering crypto usage

A non-fungible token or NFT is an original digital asset purchased with cryptocurrency that represents real artwork, music, videos, or anything with an online presence. NFTs are literally everywhere right now. This new digital crypto method's involvement with food service has led to a wave of big industry names carrying their brand presence into the virtual world. NFT's enter the food industry. Several chain restaurants and food service businesses are using NFTs to appeal to their customers in a way never been done before. This guide will list the top 10 NFT restaurants that are triggering crypto usage.

Flyfish Club: Flyfish Club claims to be the world's first NFT-exclusive private dining club. Flyfish takes exclusivity to a whole new level customers have to show ownership of Flyfish Club NFT before being granted access to the club.

Crypto Street Restaurant: The names of each dish are in this restaurant pegged to popular cryptocurrencies. Ultimately, the restaurant appears to be leveraging its space to get more people into crypto. The restaurant involves an environment that gets people talking about crypto.

Welly's Food Restaurant: Italy-based Welly's is a burger place that became the world's first restaurant to be associated with a cryptocurrency Shiba Inu. The project is Shiba Inu-themed, meaning that Welly's would rebrand its restaurants to fit those themes.

Dogeburger: It allows people across the UAE to order burgers and other related food with crypto. It was launched by Rocket Kitchens a chain of virtual restaurants and was inspired by the popular memecoin Dogecoin. Currently, Dogeburger accepts all popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, etc.

Goi Rolls: NFTs of Goi Rolls can be bought to earn physical rewards. The Goi Rolls NFT collection is listed and available to purchase on the largest NFT marketplace, Open Sea. GOI is essentially a Vietnamese blended food concept offering good food.

Piya: Another NFT-based restaurant to note is Piya. This will involve a Thai-based restaurant listed by Chef Bee, a private omakase dining room, and a fast-casual area where NFT gurus will attend and have access to exclusive events.

Lion's Milk Cafe: Lion's Milk Coffeeshop is an NFT cafe that features profile picture NFTs, often known as PFPs. Also, it is committed to receiving crypto for transactions in-store, and it also hosts events for NFT communities. The Lion Milk Café's NFT collection features 10,000 unique NFTs with a poly geometric design.

Byte Size: Restaurants have something new on their NFT menu. And no, you can't eat them. Instead, restaurateurs are using the nonfungible tokens to act as memberships, in a sense, allowing holders to access exclusive perks and experiences

CamboFlare: CamboFlare is offering captivating offers to attract the common man into the crypto space. The restaurant is looking to build its own token called Cambocoin to ease the whole process of payment.

Authentic Burger Boy: With each component souped-up and fully loaded, their Original Burger Boy might be the Rolls-Royce of smash burgers. NFTs of the iconic Burger Boy include the Fancy Boy, which features the classic youngster dressed more formally with a bowtie, mustache, and tophat.

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