Top 10 Crypto Tax Software Platforms for 2024

Top 10 Crypto Tax Software Platforms for 2024

Guide to find the top 10 crypto tax software platforms for 2024

With the rapidly changing environment in the crypto market, it is essential to manage the taxes. There are numerous software that help to calculate crypto taxation. Crypto tax software helps to simplify cryptocurrency tax preparation by calculating trading profits, losses, and deductions, streamlining crypto tax filing.

Here we will enlist the best crypto tax software that will guide you to file your crypto tax in 2024:


Koinly simplifies the process of generating crypto tax reports. Koinly is automated as the accounts can be connected via an API. It has a user-friendly interface supporting NFT and DeFi tax calculations.


CoinTracking facilitates users to have access to the platform before using it. It facilitates calculating crypto tax and profits and losses reporting on a real-time basis, valuation of crypto coins, tax reports, and more. In CoinTracking API keys are stored securely in an AWS vault, ensuring safety of assets and prevention of unauthorized withdrawals.


CoinLedger is a versatile crypto software managing crypto sources that includes mining rewards and staking earnings. It safeguards your crypto holdings by taking strong security measures. This crypto tax advisor guides the users at every step by importing their cryptocurrency transactions.


CoinTracker is designed in a way that simplifies by tracking your crypto portfolio and taxes. It is easy to use crypto advisor by adding your first wallet or exchange with the support of over 8000 crypto assets and more than 300 exchanges.


Another crypto tax preparation software is TurboTax. It provides a seamless way of filing taxes and has a user-friendly interface. It is one of the best software that provides assistance and clarity for tax preparation.


Coinpanda is a go-to-software for calculating crypto tax filing that integrates with more than 500 exchanges and support over 12,000 cryptocurrencies and blockchains. It is compatible for many platforms like Coinbase, Kraken and support 75 wallets and even covers NFT and DeFi taxes.


TokenTax, streamlines crypto tax calculation for crypto transactions. It covers DeFi and NFT taxes, integrating with popular exchanges like Binance, Gemini, and supports wallets, including Bitpay and Bitmex.


Accointing, simplifies the task of managing crypto taxes. It ensures following the HMRC guidelines, generating capital gains and income tax reports. It seamlessly integrates with exchanges like Binance and Kraken.


ZenLedger boasts integration with more than 400 exchanges and 30 DeFi Protocols. It has a user base with over 15,000 customers, streamlining crypto tax calculations for investors. ZenLedger also handles NFT and DeFi taxes, with platforms like Binance and Coinbase Pro.


TaxBit, is a valuable online crypto tax tool. This tool bridges the gap between consumer and cryptocurrency tax needs for enterprise. TaxBit uses automation technology to synchronize your data and provide quite precise tax reports that reduce the need for manual intervention. Taxbit supports more than 150 exchanges and covers over 2000 cryptocurrencies, which ensures coverage for your crypto tax. Taxbit provides an audit trail, short and long capital gain calculations, cash flow analysis and comprehensive tools for tax management.

This crypto software will provide diverse benefits for your crypto tax filing. Besides this, these platforms will help to track transactions and generate reports following the taxation regulations.

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