Top 10 Best Crypto Exchanges in India to Use for Your Diwali Investment

Top 10 Best Crypto Exchanges in India to Use for Your Diwali Investment

Choose one of the best crypto exchanges in India to promote safe Diwali crypto investments

In the past couple of years, India has established itself as the hotspot for cryptocurrency trading and investment. The cryptocurrency business has been flourishing in the country, so much so that the nation stood among the top 5 countries to adopt digital assets, according to reports based on global analysis. This rising popularity of cryptocurrencies has made them a popular gift item! This Diwali season, why don't you try out gifting digital assets, instead of something else? But to gift cryptocurrencies, you need to conduct thorough research, starting with looking for safe crypto exchanges. Investors generally look for exchanges that have low transaction fees, which are easy to use, yet extremely safe. Some of the best crypto exchanges in India offer several facilities including gifting cryptocurrencies and offering suggestions as to which asset is performing well. Since Diwali is a festival that welcomes, health, wealth, and prosperity, both investing and gifting cryptocurrencies might become profitable and successful. Here, we have listed the top 10 best crypto exchanges in India that you can choose during Diwali, this year!

Coinbase Global

 Coinbase Global is one of the top crypto exchanges that operate all over the world, including in India. The platform focuses on building a cryptocurrency economy that is fairer, more efficient, and more accessible. The crypto exchange has over 100 million verified users, 14,500 institutions, and ecosystem partners spread all over the world. Most crypto beginners choose this platform to ensure safety and security while crypto trading and investment.


 CoinDCX is a unique and popular cryptocurrency exchange that operates in India. It provides services for over 200 different types of crypto assets and has affordable trading fees. CoinDCX also enables futures trading and enables 20x leverage. It also accepts easy payment gateways such as UPI and IMPs. But the biggest drawback is, CoinDCX is the only FIAT currently that is presently supported by the platform.

CoinSwitch Kuber

 You might have noticed CoinSwicth Kuber since it has a constant advertising presence in recent IPL matches. The platform promises to offer the best trading rates in the business and allows investors to trade in thousands of different cryptocurrencies. Investors can check in using their phone numbers and creating an account for trading digital assets on the application. But unfortunately, CoinSwitch does not allow crypto trading for investors who have not completed their KYC procedure.


 Zebpay is one of the most-established crypto exchange applications that is available to the Indian crypto market. Interested users can use their cellphone numbers to sign up and complete their KYC to start trading. Besides, the platform also allows refer-and-earn, which means if a current user refers others to join Zebpay by promoting Bitcoin trading, then they will receive around 50% of the trading fees generated through their contacts for over a year.


 Binance is another one of the top crypto exchanges in India that also operates on a global level. Binance India offers a huge variety of products for buying and selling crypto with INR, trading, derivatives, and earning via vaults or liquidity farm programs, loans, and NFTs. The platform's security protocols include 2FA, secure offline cold storage for most assets, and real-time monitoring.


 Unocoin was founded in 2013 and is among the first crypto exchanges in India. With the help of this exchange, investors can buy, sell, and trade, including OTC bulk trading, and offer auto sell and systematic buying plans too. Unocoin complies with the current regulations imposed by the Indian government, hence, investors require to put their personal information for security purposes.


 Currently, WazirX is undergoing several downturns due to the ongoing crypto slumber and has decided to fire almost 40% of its employees. Nevertheless, no crypto exchange can compete with WazirX's ability to earn coins by participating in different contests that are accessible in the application's information section, besides, it is one of its most popular features.


 Bitbns claims that crypto is the future of money and provides a user-friendly interface, supporting a wide variety of crypto assets. Bitbns is also subjected to the 2FA security protocol to address complex privacy issues.

 BuyUcoin India

 Bitbns is a versatile crypto exchange in India, with over hundreds of verified cryptocurrencies available on the platform. It offers excellent services and allows customers to buy, exchange, and sell cryptocurrencies at affordable prices by offering an easy-to-trade, intuitive and simple user interface.


 Paxful was launched in 2015 and has become a highly reputable digital marketplace and crypto trading wallet service where investors can buy and sell popular cryptocurrencies, as well as spend crypto. They have a global footprint and are a top crypto exchange India has to offer.

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