Toncoin Fans Flock to WIF and Raboo Amidst Crypto Bull Run Frenzy

Toncoin Fans Flock to WIF and Raboo Amidst Crypto Bull Run Frenzy

As the crypto bull run continues, many projects continue seeing green. One of the biggest gainers is Raboo (RABT), a new AI-powered project that recently clinched a million-dollar presale valuation. WIF, another promising project, has also significantly benefited from the crypto bull run. However, it's a different story with Toncoin (TON), which has been in real struggles. What are Raboo and WIF doing right? Let's find out.

Raboo (RABT): The AI-Powered Ingenuity Takes Over ICO Ahead of Crypto Bull Run

When it's starting to look like innovations can't get better in the crypto world, Raboo has swooped in to raise the bar. This new project has brilliantly married AI and SocialFi with blockchain technology! $RABT is a gift that will keep giving, and investors have already begun to tap into the stream of its unending rewards. Its presale performance has been exceptional and with the current crypto bull run, things keep improving. 

Weeks after its presale launch, Raboo's price has gone up by a whopping 140%, now trading at $0.0042 in stage three. Also, the project has raised over $1M and recorded over 5000 registered members – no adoption issues! A brilliant presale performance isn't the only allure of Raboo. The project also bolsters a strong community for memecoin enthusiasts and unlimited fun-filled activities that guarantee unending rewards. Experts have tipped Raboo (RABT) to be the next 100x coin at the current growth rate.

Dogwifhat (WIF): Investors Become Optimistic Following Spot Listing on Bybit

Recently, Bybit, a leading crypto exchange, announced that Dogwifhat (WIF) will be listed for spot trading on the platform starting on April 29. As expected, the news sparked positive sentiments among investors. Despite the recent market volatility, most of them maintained their trading positions and remained strongly optimistic about the future of WIF.

Despite WIF's potential, most experts still believe that the project is a very risky investment. This is because its valuation is largely driven by speculative trading rather than its intrinsic value—its value is tied to internet hype! Currently, Dogwifhat (WIF) trades at $2.445 with a total market cap of over $2.4B.

Toncoin Price Prediction: TON Continues to Fall Short of Investors' Expectations

Developed by Telegram in 2018, Toncoin (TON) was meant to rival Ethereum. Its emphasis on scalability, security, and usability placed it on the list of coins with the biggest potential at the time. However, the project is still struggling to meet expectations. With its current performance, Toncoin price prediction is not looking positive. In the last 24 hours, it has dropped by 2.58%.

Toncoin's struggles began before it was officially launched. In 2020, the SEC sued Telegram over its security implications. The litigation eventually led to Telegram abandoning the project. Although the project was reactivated in 2021 by developers who had no affiliation with Telegram, it hasn't recovered fully.


As Toncoin price prediction remains negative, investors are running out of patience and are on a hunt for better options. Although Dogwifhat (WIF) looks like a credible investment alternative, the best investment option of the three coins discussed in this article remains Raboo (RABT) —a project with numerous benefits and excellent potential!

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

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