This DeFi Coin Could Turn Hundreds Into Millions, Being Compared to MATIC’s 100x Surge in 2021

This DeFi Coin Could Turn Hundreds Into Millions, Being Compared to MATIC’s 100x Surge in 2021

It is usually said that luck favors the bold. This aphorism is the case in the erratic world of cryptocurrencies, where people frequently make fortunes overnight. MATIC, which has been experiencing dramatic spikes, is one of the examples.

With its scalable and effective Layer 2 solution for Ethereum, Polygon—formerly known as Matic Network—has greatly impacted the crypto market. Its position in the market has been cemented by the large user base and numerous DeFi projects it has drawn due to its ability to provide faster and cheaper transactions.

The spotlight now shifts to DTX Exchange, a recently launched cryptocurrency that analysts think has the potential to emulate MATIC's stunning success. With a $600k presale and a 100X potential similar to Polygon, DTX looks set to become the next best altcoin hit in the crypto world.

Polygon (MATIC) Price Analysis and Market Sentiments

Ranking 11th out of all blockchains, Polygon boasts an impressive TVL of $971 million. Polygon's market capitalization to TVL ratio is 6.93, indicating that its market capitalization exceeds its TVL by nearly seven times.

Polygon’s high market cap to TVL ratio suggests the market is upbeat about the company's prospects. Therefore, one of the main factors for MATIC has been investor confidence.

Dapp Radar reports that as of May 29, Polygon has 6.76 million UAW, which puts it third in this category over the previous 30 days. Polygon has a higher UAW than Base's 2.74 million and Arbitrum's 5.78 million.

A Reddit thread about Polygon has mixed comments from people who are optimistic about the company's long-term prospects to those who are worried about its current performance and position in the market.

Despite the recent decline in price, many users have faith in Polygon's future. They consider MATIC a "sleeping giant" with significant room for expansion.

Some users have staked their MATIC tokens to generate passive income; they have large holdings of MATIC that they purchased at various price points. Some users think that staking MATIC on-chain can be a good way to gradually gain more tokens because it can yield returns of about 3%.

The allure of new and potentially more lucrative opportunities in the form of the DTX Exchange has compelled market analysts to view it as another MATIC and the best altcoin of this bull run.

DTX Exchange Becomes The Best Altcoin With 100X Surge Potential

DTX Exchange is a trading platform causing a stir in the crypto world because of its unique features. With key features like distributed liquidity pools, non-custodial wallets, 1000X leverage, and no KYC requirements, DTX Exchange is becoming the best altcoin of this bull run.

With the advancement of stage 2, DTX's recent presale success—which raised over $600,000—becomes even more notable. Each share will be sold for $0.06 during the upcoming DTX presale period. The promise of exponential returns is attracting investor interest in DTX's new blockchain. Currently, the DTX token in stage 2 is valued at $0.04.

A DTX wallet and multitier accounts are among the products available on the platform. Holders receive access to premium features and a reduction in trading fees. The DTX token holders are also eligible for potential airdrops. Another factor drawing investors to DTX is the upcoming giveaway announcement.

Key Takeaways

DTX Exchange has appeared as one of the best altcoins to buy due to its quick rise during the bull market. The coin's path is contrasted with Polygon's (MATIC) significant 100X increase.

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