The Next Big Crypto Is Here: BlockDAG’s Moon Keynote Seizes Over $41.9M in Presale, Upstaging GSTOP & PEPE Performances


Recent moves by top PEPE whales have led to a 20% price drop in Pepe’s price. The Gamestop price prediction, on the other hand, has revealed a potential upward momentum in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, BlockDAG’s highly-anticipated moon-shot keynote has triggered an 850% price surge and secured over $41.9M in presale revenue. This unforgettable keynote deep-dove into BlockDAG’s DAG-based PoW consensus, historical presale success, and plans for the upcoming Mainnet launch. In addition, the launch of BlockDAG’s X1 Miner beta app has revolutionised the cryptocurrency sector by making crypto-mining accessible for non-technical enthusiasts.

GameStop Price Prediction: Significant Surges Ahead

Since its launch, GameStop (GSTOP) has risen by 144%, securing a bullish momentum and boasting strong investor confidence. The coin currently trades at $0.005531 with a market cap of $5.11 million. Recently, its trading volume expanded by 293.04% in just one day, reflecting optimistic market sentiments. The fast-approaching Robinhood lawsuit settlement may further impact the GameStop price prediction. If GSTOP’s bullish trend continues, the crypto may hit $0.01. On the flip side, if GSTOP stabilises around $0.0052, it may spiral into an upcoming bearish trend.


PEPE Whales Trigger Price Declines

Pepe (PEPE) recently suffered a price decline of over 20% in three days. This price drop arrives after early PEPE whales reallocated their profits to other promising competitor coins. Despite a significant surge this year, extensive profit-taking has left Pepe vulnerable to high selling pressure. According to On-chain data analysis, there was a deposit of 660 billion Pepes into Binance. Furthermore, if Bitcoin fails to hold its support level, PEPE may begin to see a downward trend.


BlockDAG’s Moon Keynote Triggers Massive Whale Buyers

After months of frenzied anticipation, BlockDAG finally broadcasted its keynote from the moon, resulting in massive whale purchases. The two main highlights of the keynote include BlockDAG’s DAG-based PoW consensus and a historical presale success.

BlockDAG stands out in the market because it blends a Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus with a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) structure. This power combo allows miners to confirm multiple transactions, facilitating higher scalability. This architecture effectively addresses the blockchain trilemma—speed, security, and scalability—that challenges other cryptos.

A framework like this has instilled deep-rooted confidence among BlockDAG’s investors and users, making it one of the most trustworthy cryptos in the market. Other vital elements of the keynote include 45 new development updates, comprehensive roadmap enhancements, a low-code/no-code platform, EVM compatibility, over 10 new payment methods, and an upcoming Mainnet Launch that would further skyrocket BlockDAG’s value.

Aside from a solid technological edge, BlockDAG stands strong on its global marketing front. The keynote recounts how worldwide displays, endorsement from top crypto influencers, and features from giants like Cointelegraph and Forbes have given BlockDAG the global spotlight its revolutionary technology truly deserves.


BlockDAG also launched its revolutionary X1 Miner beta app on Apple and Android. This cloud mining marvel has unlocked the gates of mining even for non-technical users. With the X1 app, all it takes to mine up to 20 BDAG coins daily is a smartphone and a WiFi connection. The app is just 50 MB and doesn’t impact a phone’s data or battery.

So far, BlockDAG has raised over $41.9M in presale revenue by selling over 10.7 billion BDAG coins. The anticipation and release of this keynote caused BlockDAG’s price to surge by 850%. This record-breaking price trajectory has bolstered the platform’s potential to unlock 20,000x gains this year.

Logging Off

Whereas PEPE whales have triggered a significant decline in Pepe’s price, the Gamestop price prediction has revealed a bullish momentum for the coin. However, BlockDAG has emerged as the next big crypto for 2024 after its unforgettable appearance on the moon, snagging an 850% surge for BDAGgers.

The platform’s recent X1 Crypto Miner app beta version launch has expanded its rapidly growing community. One BDAG coin is currently selling for $0.0095. After the Mainnet launch in four months, its value could cross the $1 mark and by 2025, it may reach a $10 valuation.


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