The Mystery Behind BlockDAG’s Success: How Are Aptos and Cardano Whales Reacting?


Aptos (APT) has recently gained significant traction in the crypto market, experiencing an impressive 127% increase in market cap over the last three months. Concurrently, Cardano (ADA) has seen a surge in whale activity, despite its value dipping by 7% this past month.

Meanwhile, BlockDAG’s presale success and cutting-edge platform innovations have drawn considerable investor attention, positioning it as a prime investment opportunity in today’s crypto landscape.

Aptos (APT) Market Cap Soars 127% in Three Months

Aptos (APT) has achieved a remarkable 127% growth in market cap in the last three months, reaching $6.6 billion. This surge is underpinned by a 37% increase in revenue, highlighting the strong performance of its fundamentals. However, despite these solid gains, Aptos' price increase has been relatively modest compared to other cryptocurrencies.


One reason for this disparity is Aptos' inflation rate. Although it has decreased slightly, the release of nearly 31% of the Genesis supply by the end of the first quarter continues to exert pressure. Despite these challenges, network activity on Aptos has flourished, with a notable rise in daily transactions and active addresses.

Price analysis suggests a potential bottom around $8, but confirmation of a new uptrend is needed.

Cardano Whales Rise Amid ADA's 7% Decline: Is a Rally Imminent?

Despite a 7% drop in ADA's value over the past month, whale activity is on the rise. Data from IntoTheBlock shows a 29% increase in ADA whales holding between 100 million and 1 billion coins. However, this increased activity has yet to positively impact ADA’s price, which currently stands at $0.43.

Key indicators point to a bearish trend: ADA’s RSI is at 37.42, indicating high coin distribution, and its CMF is at -0.04, suggesting liquidity is leaving the market. An ADX value of 29 confirms a strong downtrend. While ADA holds crucial support at $0.43, a bearish push could lower it to $0.38. Nonetheless, with positive funding rates on futures markets, there remains hope for a rally to $0.46.


Why BlockDAG Presale Is the Winning Bet in 2024

BlockDAG’s presale has been extraordinarily successful, raising $29.2 million, driven largely by its newly introduced dashboard. This tool has significantly increased demand, especially in Batch 13, where the coin was priced at $0.008, resulting in a 30,000x return on investment.

The dashboard features include a Last Transactions Preview to monitor recent activities, a Referral Screen showing purchases via referral links and bonuses earned, and a Transactions page listing instant purchases by USD amount. Investors are categorized into tiers, with Shark status for those investing between $10,000 and $49,999, and Whale status for investments over $50,000.


Additionally, the dashboard includes a hot news section, a Current Rank display, and a Leaderboard highlighting the top 30 presale buyers. These features significantly enhance user experience and engagement, contributing to BlockDAG’s market success.

Furthermore, BlockDAG’s Low-code/No-code platform allows users to effortlessly create utility tokens, meme tokens, and NFTs, making the platform highly user-friendly and adaptable. With 45 presale batches planned, BlockDAG anticipates further price increases and substantial returns for early investors.

Why BlockDAG?

As the crypto market evolves, Aptos’ robust fundamentals and strong market performance make it an attractive investment option. Its significant market cap and network activity growth underscore its potential for future gains.


Similarly, Cardano’s increasing whale activity amid a bearish trend suggests a possible recovery, making it a coin to watch. BlockDAG, with its successful presale and user-friendly platform, stands out as a promising investment, offering substantial returns and innovative technology.

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