The Graph and Bittensor Experience Volatility as This New AI Crypto Surges 60% During Presale


AI cryptos have been one of the fastest-growing crypto sectors in 2024, with prices booming across the board. However, increased crypto volatility has led two key players, The Graph and Bittensor, to fall sharply. Meanwhile, Raboo is up 60% in its ongoing presale.

One of the hottest new AI cryptos, Raboo, could be on its way to a 100x run this year. Dive in and find out why.

The Graph: A fundamental piece of the AI puzzle

The Graph is an innovative indexer for blockchain data, allowing anyone to query and access this data. It transforms raw blockchain data into an accessible format, offering a way for both developers and AI applications to effortlessly retrieve real-time data. 

The Graph's unique role in the AI-crypto ecosystem catapulted the GRT token this year, sending it flying over 150% between February and March. However, amid growing crypto volatility, GRT plummeted to $0.20 in April, then rebounded to $0.36, and now sits at around $0.29. With The Graph's short-term direction uncertain, it's no wonder that many investors are turning to Raboo's promising new presale.

Bittensor: A decentralized, future-ready AI ecosystem 

Bittensor is a relatively new AI crypto designed to democratize AI development via a decentralized, collaborative ecosystem. Through the TAO token, Bittensor incentivizes participants to contribute and share AI models.

Like The Graph, Bittensor has seen remarkable growth this year amid rocketing AI token valuations, soaring over 300% to peak at $767. However, it has since fallen sharply, hitting a low of $343 before rebounding to $490 and now worth $424. While the future remains promising for Bittensor, crypto volatility persists, leading many investors to eye Raboo's presale for potentially higher profits.

Raboo: The hottest new AI crypto around

While The Graph and Bittensor continue to grapple with crypto volatility, Raboo is experiencing a remarkable surge, up 60% during its ongoing presale. After raising millions from thousands of investors, Raboo's price has grown from $0.003 to $0.0048 in the fourth stage of its presale.

Raboo is a new AI crypto that's riding the overwhelming bullish sentiment currently surrounding meme coins. It's building a community-centric SocialFi ecosystem bursting with fun, rewards, and hilarious memes.

$RABT token holders leverage advanced AI technology to compete in meme-generating competitions for a shot at earning huge rewards. Rabooscan is the powerhouse of this AI, constantly scouring social platforms for the latest memes for nonstop creativity and laughs.

Other upcoming features, like generous staking rewards, an NFT collection, and a token-burning mechanism, have made Raboo one of the most hyped projects of the moment. With interest in new AI cryptos and meme coins expected to continue climbing this year, experts now predict a potential 100x spike in $RABT this year.


With The Graph and Bittensor's short-term direction uncertain, Raboo's raging presale offers a safe haven for investors. Hype has been growing by the day amid expectations that Raboo's spot in the $39 billion AI crypto and $65 billion meme coin sectors could be a potent recipe for success. However, tokens won't remain this cheap for long—secure a position today for a front-row seat in Raboo's epic journey.

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