SUI Price Soars 10% On Key Milestone; Whales Can't Stop Buying Rollblock (RBLK) and MATIC

SUI Price Soars 10% On Key Milestone; Whales Can't Stop Buying Rollblock (RBLK) and MATIC

Sui Networks' daily active wallet addresses have hit a record 1 million milestone to signify the platform's growing popularity and widespread adoption in the crypto market. With more adoption, the Sui network will keep growing as the token price keeps soaring. Meanwhile, whales are accumulating the Rollblock (RBLK) and Polygon (MATIC) tokens in preparation for the upcoming bull run. Rollblock, which started its presale recently, has already given early buyers 20% returns, with analysts picking RBLK as one of the best cryptos to invest in 2024. 

Rollblock Emerges as One of the Top Crypto Coins As Presale Attracts Whales

Rollblock is a new GambleFi protocol that aims to merge decentralized and centralized games while bringing the best of both worlds. Having kicked off the presale a few weeks ago, the Rollblock presale has started gaining traction, with whales accumulating the token. While barely in stage 2 of the presale, early buyers have gotten 20% returns as the token price moved from $0.01 to $0.012 and the price is set to jump again soon. 

Meanwhile, crypto analysts forecast an over 800% rally on presale and 50x on listing with the token set to hit major centralized exchanges in Q3. So far, the team has raised over $360,000 in presale, with analysts projecting $1M before month's end. As such, some analysts pick it as one of the best cryptos to invest in 2024. Meanwhile, the platform offers 100% anonymity, as no KYC is needed.

The Rollblock platform is a fully licensed and operational crypto casino platform. Security is paramount, as all transactions are encrypted using the latest blockchain technology. To ensure transparency, all transactions are permanent and immutable. Issues of scalability are considered as the platform is built to accommodate a large audience without downtime issues

As the world's first backed crypto casino and play-to-earn token, the RBLK is the primary vehicle for distributing rewards, cashbacks, etc. One of the notable features of Rollblock is the profit-sharing model, in which the platform uses 30% of the revenue to buy back tokens in circulation, half of which is used for staking rewards and the rest burned to reduce the supply and stabilize the price. This is another reason big investors are racing to get involved. 

Sui Price Surges As Platform Hits New Milestone

The Sui price has surged by 10% as the ecosystem hits a new milestone. Recent Sui news shows that the number of daily active addresses has hit 1 million. This showcases the network's technological prowess and the growing interest in blockchain-based applications. By providing a secure and reliable ecosystem for digital asset management, Sui is gradually building trust across the crypto community. 

Meanwhile, the Sui price has increased by 23% in the past week. Zooming in, the Sui market cap is now close to $3B, with the trading volume surging. Top crypto analysts, Market Spotter, believe that if the weekly candle closes above $1.1, the ongoing rally will continue. So far, most of the Sui price predictions project a retest of the $2.18 ATH in June. 

Polygon Trading Volume Soars as Interest Grows

Polygon is one of the top crypto coins that has continued to gain popularity in the crypto market. In the past few days, the Polygon-backed game “Guild of Guardians” launched on Apple and Google Play Store to showcase the growing adoption of Polygon blockchain technology in the gaming industry. 

As per data from CoinMarketCap, Polygon trading volume is rising to showcase increasing whale activity. The Polygon price is trading close to the 50-day SMA, with experts projecting it to pass the 200-day SMA in the coming days. Many analysts are making favorable Polygon price predictions, as they see it reaching $2 in June. As such, this puts Polygon on the list of best cryptos to buy now. 

Can Sui Price Surge above Rollblock and Polygon?

With Sui witnessing more adoption, more rallies are on the way. Also, the increasing adoption of the Polygon blockchain could see the token repeat the 2021 bull run trajectory. However, Rollblock is developing novel ideas to revolutionize the gambling industry, which is projected to hit $744B in 2028. Its unique ideas are a driving factor. So far, most Rollblock price predictions are in the range of 50x, which makes it the best crypto to invest in for long-term gain.

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