Solana Project Penguiana Presale Raises Over 2000 SOL, Set To Announce GUIANA NFTs for Upcoming Play-to-Earn Game


Penguiana, the latest penguin-themed meme coin on the Solana blockchain, has raised over 2000 SOL in its ongoing presale with more than 10 days remaining till the end of the presale.

This impressive achievement highlights the growing interest in Penguiana, driven by its unique blend of meme culture and real utility.

Penguiana Presale Phenomenon

Penguiana has quickly become a strong force in the Solana meme community. The project's unique presale strategies, catchy themes, and the promise of an intriguing play-to-earn game set it apart from other projects.

The on-going presale offers early investors a chance to acquire $PENGU tokens at a discounted rate before they are listed on Raydium at a price 50% higher.

Introducing Penguiana: More Than Just a Memecoin

Penguiana is not your typical meme coin. It represents an initiative aiming to establish a vibrant ecosystem around its adorable penguin brand. Next month, Penguiana will release a demo of its play-to-earn game, adding significant value to $PENGU tokens.

Later this year, the full game will launch, offering players the opportunity to earn rewards and enjoy a unique gaming experience.

Penguiana Tokenomics

Total Supply: The total supply of $PENGU tokens is 100,000,000.

Presale Supply: 60% of the total supply (60 million tokens) is allocated for the presale.

Liquidity: 25% of the total supply (25 million tokens) is set aside for liquidity provision to ensure smooth trading within the Penguiana ecosystem.

Marketing: 15% of the total supply (15 million tokens) is allocated for marketing and community activities to create awareness and build a strong community around Penguiana.

PENGU Tokens: Unlocking Utility

$PENGU is the cornerstone of Penguiana’s ecosystem. With a capped supply of 100 million tokens, 60 million are set aside for the presale. These tokens are crucial for the play-to-earn game, where players will use $PENGU to mint their characters and participate in the game.

The $PENGU token is currently undergoing an audit with Vital block currently and the audit will increase the investor trust in the $PENGU tokens to ensure that it is secure and hack proof.

Stay updated and connect with other supporters by joining the Penguiana Telegram and Discord channels.

Announcing GUIANA NFTs

The Penguiana team is excited to announce the upcoming release of GUIANA NFTs. These NFTs will give each holder the ability to play the game and earn in-game rewards. GUIANA NFTs will be minted using $PENGU tokens, adding another layer of utility and value to the token.

How to Participate in the Penguiana Presale

Here is an extensive guide to assist you through your first entry into Penguiana:

Set Up a Wallet: To participate in the presale, you need a Solana-compatible wallet such as Phantom, Solflare, or Sollet, which will securely store your $SOL and receive your $PENGU tokens.

Buy Some SOL: Purchase SOL from reputable exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, or Kucoin. Transfer the SOL to your personal wallet to ensure complete control and maximum security of your funds.

Join the Presale: Once you have acquired SOL, visit the official Penguiana presale page at The site provides all the necessary information, including the specified wallet address to send your SOL and purchase $PENGU tokens.

Check and Transfer: Double-check the address provided on the Penguiana presale page for accuracy and safety. Once confirmed, send your SOL to complete the buying process. After the presale, $PENGU tokens will be airdropped directly to your wallet.

Here’s a guide on how to buy $PENGU tokens here

Why Join Penguiana’s Presale?

Purchasing tokens at a discounted price is just one reason to join the Penguiana presale. It’s an opportunity to be part of an exciting journey toward a promising play-to-earn platform.

As the presale gains momentum, the value of $PENGU tokens is expected to rise, especially with the game’s demo releasing next month and the full game launching later this year.

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