Smart Crypto Whale Who Made $1.67 Million From Fantom Goes On Altcoin Buying Spree


A smart crypto whale has piqued the interest and following of retail and smart money as he embarks on an altcoin shopping spree using nearly $2 million in profits secured from his previous Fantom (FTM) buy trade. The ripple effect is now massively felt as few select tokens, such as ETFSwap (ETFS), experience increased FOMO and volatility in trade volumes due to retail and smart investors replicating the big whale's altcoin buys.

While the whale's wallet transactions and footprints continue to be under the strict watch and radar of crypto analysts, smart money is sharply observed to simultaneously focus attention on ETFSwap (ETFS) as they discover its world-class token utilities with guaranteed high investment returns.

Crypto Whale Makes Millions From Fantom (FTM)

According to data reports from blockchain analytics platform, Spot On Chain, big whales and smart investors are notably seen to initiate significant investment buys into Fantom (FTM) and ETFSwap (ETFS) native tokens

In an unfolding turn of events, a smart crypto whale who had previously amassed wealth from his Fantom (FTM) trade is observed to make yet another significant investment move. This particular whale, who had previously secured his Fantom (FTM) profits for $1.67 million, has made a fresh purchase of 3.18 million Fantom (FTM) tokens valued at $2.26 million.

Despite the recent whale activity present in the Fantom (FTM) ecosystem, its native token, trading at $0.66, is observed to struggle at a major price resistance, leaving big whales with second thoughts about rotating their whole Fantom (FTM) investments into other altcoins.

These whales have now embarked on a buying spree on one new altcoin, rotating a significant portion of their FTM profits into ETFSwap (ETFS).

ETFSwap (ETFS) Grabs Lion Share From Whales Altcoin Buying Spree

The ETFSwap (ETFS) decentralized platform is notably observed to corner a huge chunk of investment from big Fantom (FTM) whales and smart investors currently embarking on a buying spree of altcoins.

With over $1 million raised in stage 1 of the ETFSwap (ETFS) presale despite its relatively new entry into the crypto industry, it has become evident that whales are trooping in numbers, pitching tents and showing massive support for the presale. So far, ETFSwap’s growth in the crypto markets has been organic, with its innovative platform utilities seen to solve the current challenges of Defi and the ETF economy.

ETFSwap (ETFS) offers a diverse range of platform utilities, which include tokenization of real-world assets (RWA), trading of cryptocurrencies and exchange-traded funds, staking and many more investment options. Its platform boasts a robust and secure ecosystem that has undergone auditing by a leading security firm, Cyberscope. All these and many more are the convincing evidence that has propelled big crypto whales and smart money to invest in ETFSwap (ETFS).

At the time of writing, over 80 million ETFSwap (ETFS) native tokens and counting have been purchased by big whales and smart investors in stage 1 of the presale, leaving its competitors behind.

ETFS tokens, which are currently being sold at an undervalued price of $0.00854 in stage 1, are now being leveraged by big whales positioning for the bullish rally that is primed to take place in the coming weeks.

Take advantage of this undervalued price opportunity and position yourself for a big rally projected by trade experts to surpass that of Shiba Inu (SHIB) in the 2024 bull cycle.

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