Sexy NFTs are Disappearing! Isn’t Web3 known for Independence?

Sexy NFTs are Disappearing! Isn’t Web3 known for Independence?

The people collecting NFTs and extolling the virtues of Web3 still exist in a universe that marginalizes sex workers.

Web3 supposedly promises a new model of the internet, free from the restrictions that plague the centralized Web2 – but for sex workers, the same old patterns of censorship occur even in this brave new era. Knox, who describes herself on Twitter as a "vixen, goddess, cryptocutie and findomme," says major NFT marketplaces "shadow ban" (or make less visible) sex workers' content just like their Web2 social media counterparts. Plus, sex workers still have to rely on social platforms, like Instagram and Twitter, to promote their NFTs to wider, adult content-buying audiences. And at the end of the day, the people collecting NFTs and extolling the virtues of Web3 still exist in a universe that marginalizes sex workers.

Sex workers and adult content creators have historically been between the 1st to embrace any new form of technology – from VCRs in the 1970s to Bitcoin (BTC) (BTC) in the early 2010s. Continuing that time-honored tradition, several dipped their toes into the recent non-fungible token(NFT)  craze before the masses started going wild about Punks and Apes. On the other hand, these bearish days, it's not a particularly well-known or profitable way for sex workers to make money.

Natrix estimates that fewer than 100 sex workers are actively minting non-fungible tokens (NFT)  right now, based on her experience engaging in the wider non-fungible token(NFT)  community. On the other hand, she stays away from the non-fungible token(NFT)  platforms that in particular cater to sex workers (more on that later) like TreatDAO, CumRocket, and Unique. Fans.

In 2021, Jen Stein entered a room in the voice chat app Clubhouse called "Decentralized Systems," looking for conversations about censorship solutions on social media. She creates sculptural art using colorful dildos as the medium and had recently been kicked off of Instagram. To her surprise, she found a group of people in the middle of a conversation about cryptocurrency.

"I was like, 'I'm so sorry, I think I came to the wrong room… I did not realize this was about Bitcoin,'" she told me. "I'd heard about Bitcoin like once before, through all these memes about money… I hate money, I hate capitalism, I don't care," she recalled. But the people in that room told her to stay and learn about non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. "It just opened my eyes to what this technology could do."

For erotic artists and sex workers, who are constantly dogged by payment processors' prudish rules and risk having their Venmo, Cashapp, and Paypal accounts closed for selling sexy content, the decentralized nature of NFTs is appealing. Unlike these services, which are moderated by a central authority, digital receipts published to the blockchain are permanent and there will always be methods of transferring cryptocurrency without the use of middlemen who might take issue with the transaction. For some, this looks like the future of the adult industry.

List of Top Adult NFTs & Marketplace to watch out for in 2022


It is similar to OnlyFans, but at CumRocket, creators will be able to upload their 18+ content with fans able to pay in crypto. The CumRocket is a deflationary token, according to its website. It is based on the Binance Smart Chain and has virtually no gas fees and almost instantaneous trades!


Taboo is an adult NFT Token, according to its official website. It focuses on content that is quite limited. Taboo's mission is to be Blockchain's Playboy. The Enjin Coin Marketplace Developers have created this sophisticated marketplace.


It's the adult content NFT marketplace. According to its website, it has a deflationary coin running on the Binance Smart Chain. Furthermore, NAFTY selling has no petrol taxes, is quick, and environmentally friendly. The first and finest NFT erotic art marketplace.


According to its website, xxxNifty aspires to be the world's leading online network for adult content creators by allowing commercially viable content creators to engage with their followers securely. NTF is a marketplace for artwork created by people aged 18 and up, where both producers and collectors can profit from their work.

The Benefit of S&B Adult Content on NFT Marketplace

Adult content providers can use NFTs to manage the terms of their work and assess and measure the entire collection of works in ways that will allow them to benefit from it long after they cease producing new content.

Another benefit of entering the NFT world is that it allows for more direct engagement with followers, many of whom in turn become financial investors. Adult entertainment producers will make more money than they have in the past. As a result, NFTs will be normalized to transmit digital ownership.

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