Rollblock To Dominate Crypto Market In 2024 Outshining AI Coins FET and RNDR

In 2024 Outshining AI Coins FET and RNDR

As the presale market continues to blow up, it presents and announces unique and promising crypto projects to hold in a crypto portfolio. This year, the GameFi market is already witnessing the emergence of revolutionary innovations such as an impressive buy back and burn mechanism, revenue share model, and many more. Already becoming an attention hub in the altcoin market for possessing these unique attributes, Rollblock (RBLK) is capable of dominating AI coins like token, and Render network. Let’s explore this possibility!

Rollblock (RBLK) Is Set to Attract Massive Adoption Due to Easy Accessibility

Setting itself apart from most crypto projects in the GameFi market, Rollblock (RBLK) aims to stand out by making online gaming experience easily accessible, secure and transparent. An iconic feature that bolsters this perk is Rollblock’s platform access, which requires no KYC or any extra download to enjoy the platform. This has hugely improved its awareness in the GameFi community.

At the moment, Rollblock token presale has raised over $650,000, with the native $RBLK token registering a 40% rise so far, moving from $0.01 to $0.014 in the third stage of its presale. However, Rollblock is particularly getting attention for its unique GambleFi protocol. The platform offers a DeFi casino with over 150 games as well as support for no fewer than 20 other cryptocurrencies— an innovative step that’s gaining traction in the altcoin market.

Another interesting feature that can further elevate Rollblock’s potential to rank among the best crypto to buy this year is its unique revenue share model. The platform gives RBLK holders the opportunity to build a passive income by dedicating up to 30% of its weekly revenue to buy back RBLK tokens from the open market. 50% of these are eliminated via a token burn mechanism while the remaining half is channeled towards staking rewards, which will lead to some of the best passive income opportunities in the crypto space.

Furthermore, Rollblock’s presale is already quickly selling out as they have moved into Stage 3 in just a few weeks. According to industry experts, Rollblock’s buy back and burn feature coupled with its easy accessibility sets the stage for a 2000% boost in value when it starts listing on tier-1 exchange platforms post presale campaign.

Fetch.AI Token and Price Trajectory Sees Lagging Momentum After Hitting All-Time High

Since the token formed a token merger with SingularityNET and Ocean protocol, the token has not experienced any major price spike to show its development efforts. reached an all time high of $3.45 two months ago, however the current value has dropped by $34.6%.

Regardless, still holds ample amount of potential to experience a rebound that would secure another all-time high price for the token. According to CoinGecko, token has an 89% bullish rating from its community, hence the huge potential rank as best altcoins to buy this year.

Render Price Rebounds From A Week-Long Bearish Trend

Throughout the past week, Render token has been pricing below its support level of $11.31. However, as per recent chart analysis, the native RNDR token just shot up, signaling the possibility of escaping its current bearish position.

Meanwhile, Render has a huge potential of hitting an all-time high this month, if it maintains this new momentum. Having experienced its last ATH two months back, the chances of another ATH for Render is highly plausible. Additionally, the Octane 3D design software on its network is bound to see more recognition as it was referenced by Apple a few weeks back.

Like FET and RNDR Tokens, Can Rollblock Become The Best GambleFi Protocol?

Although there are other gambling tokens with buyback and burn features, not many host numerous games like Rollblock whose platform even plans to integrate sport betting soon. This is bound to pull in a significant amount of user base both from the online gambling and altcoin market, giving Rollblock a huge chance of breaking into the top 20 crypto projects in 2024.

Discover the Exciting Opportunities of the Rollblock (RBLK) Presale Today!



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