Robert Kiyosaki Urges People To Buy BTC Before Price Explodes — 5 Top Crypto Coins That Could Surge by 10x in June


The New York best-seller author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad has urged people to buy Bitcoin before the price explodes. The popular author believes the bonk market is crashing and that safer real assets like BTC could provide a hedge. According to a report in Forbes Magazine, the global crypto market capitalization has surpassed the $2 trillion mark. This is helped by the fact that mainstream companies are increasingly accepting crypto payments in exchange for their goods and services.

The crypto market will continue to grow, and so are some notable tokens with strong utility. Here, analysts curate top crypto tokens that could record significant gains by the time the world enters Q3 of 2024. Sifting through the thousands of crypto coins, these 5 coins represent viable investment alternatives as they harbor strong bullish potential. These coins include:

  • KangaMoon (KANG)

  • Aptos (APT)

  • Uniswap (UNI)

  • Toncoin (TON)

  • Optimism (OP)

Over 400% Price Gain for KangaMoon Sets Token on Path Toward Blue-chip Status 

Given the surging momentum of KangaMoon (KANG) so far in presale, it won't be out of place to project the token as a potential blue-chip crypto. For context, the token has rode on a massively successful presale campaign to generate 400% in price value. While still in its presale phase, the KANG token has bagged a listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko sites.

The listing has set the groundwork for launching the KangaMoon token in the near future. Meanwhile, crypto analysts expect the KANG token to gain an additional 400% before launch, making it one of the top crypto tokens to buy now. At the price of $0.025, KANG represents a token with sky-high potential that will boost investors' portfolios where they can ride the bullish wave toward significant ROIs in the near future.

As a platform, KangaMoon is building a play-to-earn universe with improved features that allow members to enjoy an immersive gaming experience while earning rewards when they reach certain milestones. KangaMoon also integrates a SocialFi structure that enables the platform to be engaging by implementing interactive features, thereby bringing members together.

So far, there are over 32,000 members already registered on the KangaMoon platform. With signups incoming, KangaMoon is building one of the biggest meme communities on the blockchain. Overall, KangaMoon is executing a perfect combination of SocialFi and GameFi features while creating a utility token that is on course to become a blue-chip crypto. Conclusively, KangaMoon has a blend of everything, from social interaction to gaming and investment.

Aptos (APT) Breaks Record for Most Transactions On the Blockchain 

Aptos' (APT) growing popularity has seen it make history as it processed over 95 million transactions in a single day on an L1 network. As reported by Artemis, the Aptos network set the record on May 24th, having surpassed the previous record set by the Sui Network by over 50%. The transaction activity is driven by a newly created game on the Aptos network called Taposcat.

This game has generated boiling activity, resulting in a record-breaking day for Aptos. Meanwhile, the uptrend in activity on the Aptos network has had a positive impact on the APT native token in the crypto market. Given that the transactions made on the network were made using APT, the crypto token has gained over 12% in value within the last week.

Also, Aptos' trading volume has risen by 40% in an average day-to-day growth since last week. For the first time since the last week of April, Aptos' price is on a positive trajectory that can propel the token toward the $15 mark in the coming weeks.

L2 Volume on Uniswap (UNI) Doubles, Reflecting Token's Rally

The amount of L2 volume on the Uniswap exchange has doubled compared to last year, given the growing reputation of Uniswap in the L2 industry. As announced on Twitter, Uniswap recorded over $20.7 billion in L2 transactions in May alone, which is over 132% of what was gotten in May 2023.

These increased transactions have had a positive impact on the UNI token, which generated over 42% within the past month. This rallying trajectory is likely to see Uniswap price reach $35 by Q3. Although the Uniswap trading volume and market cap are down, analysts project massive rallies in the coming weeks.

Will 2024 See Toncoin (TON) Reach the $20 Mark?

Toncoin (TON) has had a remarkable price growth so far in 2024, overseeing an all-time high of $7.65. Before 2024, Toncoin's ATH happened in November 2021 at $4.5. Since then, Toncoin has come short of replicating the price rally that saw it reach its ATH. However, since 2024, particularly at the start of March, Toncoin's price started recording an uptrend.

This uptrend has been significant and consistent, resulting in Toncoin finally surpassing its previous ATH to set a new one in April, which stands at $7.65. Since the start of March, Toncoin has gained over 165% in value, with over 28% gained in the last month. Notably, this price growth has seen Toncoin's market cap enter into the top 10 cryptos on CoinMarketCap with a market cap valuation of over $22 billion.

At the current trajectory, the price of Toncoin is likely to continue its rally toward the $20 mark in Q3, making it a top crypto to invest in June.

Optimism (OP) Sets to Bull Despite Trading on its Lowest Price Value in 2024

Optimism (OP) kicked off to a flying start in 2024, having started the year above $3.7 with hopes of establishing support above the $4 mark. The token eventually rallied to its all-time price high of 4.85 in March.

Since then, Optimism's price has been on a correctional trajectory. Currently, the token trades below the $3 mark, meaning it is one of the lowest price points of 2024. However, given the rising activity of Optimism's trading volume, traders are likely to see the token bull in the coming weeks. The current dip places Optimism on a perfect plane as a top crypto to invest in.


Among the thousands of cryptocurrencies buzzing in the crypto industry, these top 5 cryptocurrencies captured in this article represent viable investment options. Meanwhile, KangaMoon still stands out with its untapped sky-high potential and low-cost market entry valuation. Overall, investors may want to spread their investment portfolio across these 5 tokens if they so wish.

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