Ripple (XRP) And Zcash succumb to market sentiment, traders put faith in Tradecurve

Ripple (XRP) And Zcash succumb to market sentiment, traders put faith in Tradecurve

Despite being in its early stage, Tradecurve's presale has made a big impact on the crypto world. Investors, as well as experts, have started rooting for this project, which is on the verge of creating a new presale history. 

The market acceptance and demand for TCRV are so high that experts believe it will lead the next market bull run in the upcoming months. On the other hand, projects like Ripple (XRP) and Zcash (ZEC) are struggling to stop their decline.

Ripple (XRP) Sees Price Volatility

After the SEC filed a lawsuit against leading crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase, Ripple (XRP) has popped up in the news again. Since Ripple and the SEC are already engaged in a prolonged legal battle, the latest lawsuit has intensified bearish concerns around XRP. 

Some investors believe that the SEC is gaining strength, and may escalate its efforts against Ripple (XRP). Subsequently, the price of Ripple (XRP) has declined in recent days. At press time, Ripple (XRP) was down by 3% on the weekly price chart. Now, Ripple (XRP) is changing hands at $0.52. According to experts, until a verdict in the Ripple-SEC case is delivered, XRP will continue its wild swings.

Zcash (ZEC) Suffers As Regulations Become Stringent

Suddenly, there is a flurry of crypto regulations around the world, and Zcash (ZEC) has become one of the worst sufferers. A few months back, Zcash (ZEC) suffered a blow when Dubai prohibited privacy tokens in its Emirate. In the latest event, Zcash (ZEC) is set to become unavailable to millions of Binance traders in four European countries. 

Recently, Binance announced that it would delist Zcash (ZEC) in Poland, France, Spain, and Italy. The reason behind the delisting of Zcash (ZEC) is local regulations. Therefore, the trading price of Zcash (ZEC) has tumbled by a staggering 23% in the past month. Consequently, Zcash (ZEC) is now available to trade at $24.65.

Demand For Tradecurve Presale Grows Massively

There are more than 600 cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world, and about 60% of crypto owners worldwide like to keep their digital currencies in exchanges. But centralized crypto exchanges have failed to meet the needs of the evolving market. 

Besides, their users complain of several issues, such as high transaction fees and lack of transparency. To resolve these issues and make the market more trader-friendly, Tradecurve has entered the arena.

It is a Web3 trading platform that provides users with access to multiple assets, such as cryptocurrency, OTC derivatives, bonds, forex, futures, and more. There is no risk of privacy breach on the platform, as it has not implemented any KYC procedures. Conversely, existing exchanges like Kraken and KuCoin require traders to disclose their sensitive information.

On Tradecurve, users just need an email Id to open an account. Next, they can connect their accounts to their digital wallets, deposit any crypto as collateral, and begin trading. During the ongoing stage 4 of the platform's presale, a token is available for $0.018

Its value can rise 50x during the presale, and 100x after getting listed on Uniswap and other leading exchanges. TCRV's presale is set to make a new record by raising over $20 million, and surpassing the records set by Binance and Huobi in the past.

Learn more about the Tradecurve presale below:

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