Remember When All the Buzz Was About Shiba Inu? Well Meet Mantra and Raboo


Although Shiba Inu gained ground by capturing investors’ attention as the token of the moment after its launch, the buzz and enthusiasm that welcomed its debut in the crypto market seems to be declining after newer altcoins with more innovative features like Mantra and Raboo hit the crypto industry.

With Raboo ($RABT) already garnering significant attention in its presale which has just entered  stage 4, and has exceeded the $1.6 million mark; investors and analysts have remained fixated on Raboo, buzzing about its integration of AI technology as well as its potentials for lucrative returns. 

Shiba Inu returns to growth trajectory after surge in token burns

A significant surge in tokens burn rate has cleared the path for Shiba Inu’s much anticipated return to a positive trajectory.  The token burn that saw millions of Shiba Inu tokens being taken out of circulation have inspired a positive outlook about its future trajectory with analysts and investors speculating a potential price increase. The token burns are able to redirect Shiba Inu towards growth because they reduce circulating supply thereby driving up the value and price of such tokens.

The surge in burn rate that has contributed to a decrease in SHIB's market supply also has a potential of benefiting its tokenomics in the long run. Millions of Shiba Inu tokens were burned, inspiring enthusiasm amongst Shiba Inu’s investors. This development indicates confidence in the meme coin's potential for price appreciation.

As Shiba Inu continues to trade above key resistance levels, there's anticipation for a potential surge while the overall sentiment remains positive, hinting at a promising outlook for Shiba Inu amidst its current surge in the cryptocurrency market.

Mantra primed for price surge in 2024 with OM token

As the crypto market awaits bullish momentum to drive up prices, investors have been monitoring the performance of digital assets like OM, the native cryptocurrency of the Mantra OMniverse ecosystem. With its dual functionality in staking and governance, OM stands poised to benefit from the growing interest in decentralized finance (DeFi) services offered by Mantra.

Crypto analysts reported a recent uptick in Mantra's resilience and growth, marking a departure from its historical price levels. Amidst broader market volatility, Mantra has surged, capturing attention with its climb in rankings on platforms like CoinMarketCap and affirming its status as one of the best altcoin to invest in 2024. Mantra is currently positioned at #114th largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $707 million and a circulating supply of 793 million coins, Mantra’s price sits at $0.8 as at the time of writing, reflecting investor optimism.

Analysts across various platforms, including Changelly are bullish on Mantra’s trajectory, offering optimistic price predictions for 2024. With projections hinting at a potential surge in value up to $1.02 in June 2024, fueled by Mantra's expanding adoption rates and ecosystem growth, Mantra could emerge as a notable performer in the crypto market landscape this year due to its expanding adoption rates and ecosystem growth,

Raboo ignites market buzz as the premier meme coin of 2024

Raboo emerges as the best memecoin in the crypto market after igniting market enthusiasm with its integration of artificial intelligence to cultivate an engaged community of meme enthusiasts. With holders of Raboo ($RABT) token participating in meme-generating challenges, Raboo introduces a novel social-fi model, offering rewards and prizes for their creativity and positioning itself as the best crypto to buy in 2024.

Market enthusiasm and expectations is high, with Raboo poised to become the leading AI-powered meme coin of 2024. Analysts project significant growth, with expectations of a 233% increase during the presale and a staggering 100x surge on launch day. This buzz underscores Raboo's potential to redefine the memecoin landscape even as analysts have tipped it as the best crypto to buy in 2024.

Raboo not only fosters global connectivity among memecoin enthusiasts but also offers a platform for monetizing social media content through its Post-to-Earn feature. Positioned as a community-driven cryptocurrency, Raboo presents an exciting opportunity for early adopters to engage, earn, and be part of a potentially groundbreaking journey in the world of memes and crypto.


While Shiba Inu initially captured market attention and investor interest, the need for lucrative profits have inspired investors to look at newer altcoins such as Mantra and Raboo. However, Raboo has been tipped to be the best altcoin to invest in this year due to several predictions by crypto analysts that the token will yield almost 1000% profits for investors by the time it launches on exchange platforms.

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