Raboo (RABT) Set to Soar by Over 1000% as Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Baby Doge Coin (BabyDoge) Go Bearish


With the bear market hitting back at older meme coins such as Shiba Inu and Baby Doge Coin, investors are looking for the next big mover. Typically, in the bull markets, the 100x crypto tokens will be brand new ones, and Raboo, whose presale is surprising many, is in prime position to lead the meme coin moonshot.

Has the bear market forgotten to release Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inu has been one of the best-performing meme coins since its launch, gaining immense popularity thanks to its community-driven nature and ambitious ecosystem. Initially marketed as an alternative to Dogecoin, Shiba Inu quickly grew a massive following within the crypto world.

However, with the bear market long in the rearview mirror, the Shiba Inu price has remained bearish, dropping by 15% this week as investors grow cautious amid the current market conditions. While Shiba Inu remains a dominant player in the meme coin space, the fierce competition and desire for innovation do mean stronger competition this time around.

Can Baby Doge Coin bounce back?

Baby Doge Coin (BabyDoge) has positioned itself as one of the key meme coins on the Binance Smart Chain. Initially launched as a playful nod to Dogecoin, Baby Doge Coin went viral following a tweet by Elon Musk, which meant Baby Doge Coin quickly became the latest 100x crypto back in the previous bull market.

Beyond its humorous beginnings, Baby Doge Coin promotes animal welfare and pet adoption through its growing community, and its AI image generator empowers users to create custom characters and memes.

Despite its initial boost and strong community, Baby Doge Coin has experienced a 50% drop from its yearly highs,remaining with Shiba Inu in the doldrums of the bear market.

Raboo leading the meme bulls

Raboo is setting a new standard in the crypto space as a unique AI-driven meme coin. Using the best of AI with the appeal of meme culture, Raboo offers a fresh perspective on how digital currencies can engage users.

The Raboo platform empowers users with creative tools to generate memes, which is already building a vibrant community, and ways to earn $RABT even during its presale. Active users can earn the tokens by participating in activities like creating and sharing memes.

Special giveaways and airdrops also incentivize participation in the Raboo ecosystem, and a referral program enables users to invite new members, ultimately creating a strong network that helps expand the platform.

The bear market has gone, although some meme coins are still suffering. However, with every new bull market, there’s the promise of riches. Analysts predict 1000% for Raboo ROI after it launches on major exchanges.

With every bull market, there’s a new crypto leading the charge, and Raboo looks likely to be the next 100x crypto.


The bear market might be behind us, but many cryptos and some specific meme coins are turning bearish. Shiba Inu and Baby Doge Coin are two of the worst affected, as investors look for newer tokens and bigger gains. Raboo is tipped to soar 1000% after it launches. With the presale still in its infancy, the gains of this bull market could be exponential.

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