Pepe Whale Strikes Gold, Becomes Rich As He Earns 10x ROI. Can These Memecoins Replicate Such Success?

Pepe Whale Strikes Gold, Becomes Rich As He Earns 10x ROI. Can These Memecoins Replicate Such Success?

A whale investor with the wallet ID "0x546" is smiling to the bank as his investment has paid off. This development shocked many memecoin traders who couldn't believe the whale’s luck. The whale made almost $5 million in profits within a month. With this announcement, investors are now seeking meme coins that can match this type of rally. After studying the market trajectory, analysts believe these are some meme coin titans that could replicate such success  – Angry Pepe Fork, Floki, Dogecoin, Pepe, and  Ordi. As such, crypto experts pick them as the top meme coins to buy. 

Angry Pepe Fork – The Meme Coin That Promises Big Returns for Investors

Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) is a new Solana-based meme coin that has come to transform the meme coin market. The APORK coin is perfect for investors who want a profitable meme coin that could yield huge profits. The Angry Pepe Fork project aims to replace all non-performing meme coins and be the most valuable meme coin around.

It is a community-driven project supported by the Angry Pepe Fork Army. The team is already in talks with various partners on how to integrate different utilities into the APORK ecosystem. Meanwhile, the APORK platform boasts vibrant community members who want to drive the project forward. $APORK is the ecosystem's native currency and is sold for $0.014.

The project's main feature is the Conquer-to-Earn model. Staking is the key to this system, as members of the APORK army earn through it. The more the APY grows, the more zombie meme coins they conquer. Aside from this, users earn huge rewards and APORK tokens for showcasing their prowess and valor on the battlefield and becoming highly decorated members of the APROK community.  

Many experts see Angry Pepe Fork as a Dogwifhat and Bonk rival and believe APORK will outshine them soon. With the rate at which the Angry Pepe Fork army is growing, the token is set for massive rallies soon. Some analysts see it as one of the best new meme coins to buy now and forecast a 200% rally by the end of the presale and 350% once it hits a major exchange.  

Floki Inu Trading Volume Skyrockets as Rally Expected 

Floki Inu (FLOKI) is one of the top meme coins that has dominated the market. The Floki Inu coin boasts a huge community of online supporters. Recent data shows that Floki holders are now above 417,400 on the BNB Chain, making it the top meme coin on the blockchain by market cap and number of holders.  

One of the key features of Floki Inu is that it is a multi-chain protocol. What this implies is that it can be hosted on several blockchains, like BNB Chain and Ethereum. Users can also enjoy the NFT launch gaming metaverse, which is ideal for gamers, or use Floki Place, which is a market where digital assets are traded. 

As per the technical analysis, Floki’s market sentiment is bullish with the coin trading above the 50-day and 200-day EMA. All the major key market indicators are bullish with the Floki trading volume and market cap in the uptrend. Having burned billions of tokens recently, analysts project extended rallies for the token. As such, most Floki price predictions foresee the price hitting $0.0008 in the coming weeks. 

Investors Anticipate the Dogecoin Price to Soar to $0.5

Dogecoin (DOGE) is among the most popular meme coins around. However, unlike other digital assets that are launched to solve a problem, Dogecoin was launched to mimic Bitcoin. The token came to live after a series of tweets by Billionaire CEO, Elon Musk in 2021, leading to the token setting an ETH record of $0.73. 

In the past few weeks, Dogecoin has witnessed massive adoption, with Tsela among the big companies that have adopted the token as a means of payment. Other businesses, such as Elon Musk's SpaceX and the Dallas Mavericks, accept Dogecoin. 

As one of the top meme coins, the Dogecoin market cap has hit over $23B with over $840M daily trading volume. Having battled the bears in the past few weeks, Dogecoin is heading to the bull market again, having established support above $0.16. According to crypto analyst, Ali Martinez, whales have bought 200M DOGE in the past few days. With the increasing whale activity, DOGE is one of the best meme coins to invest in now.  

Pepe Investment Pays Off Big Time: Investor's Wealth Soars

Pepe (PEPE) has recently been in the news due to a mind-blowing investment by a whale. This Pepe Whale with an ID of "0x546" shocked the world as he made 10x of his initial purchase. According to Lookonchain stats, a whale deposited 660.7B Pepe worth $9.52M bought a month ago in Binance, making $4.95M with an ROI of 52%. 

Recall that a whale also made over $46M from Pepe a few weeks ago as meme mania continues. With the meme coin market projected to hit $100B in 2024, Pepe is one of the meme coins projected for massive rallies. As per market data from CoinMarketCap, the Pepe market cap has surged to above $6B, with a daily trading volume of over $1B. 

As one of the deflationary tokens, Pepe token burn mechanisms have always been the talking point. Based on the technical analysis, Pepe market sentiment is bullish, with the Fear and Greed index showing Greed (73). Having set a new ATH record in the past few days, analysts project the Pepe coin to surpass that in the coming weeks. 

Investors Bullish on Ordi Price, Anticipate $100 Before August

Ordi (ORDI) is an innovative meme coin that operates in the Ordinals ecosystem. The Ordinal Protocol was developed to become a decentralized marketplace that focuses on digital profits. The main currency used in the ecosystem is the ORDI token. 

In terms of market performance, the Ordi price has surged by 46% in the past month and 37% in the past week. Over 19 Ordi key market indicators are showing a buy signal. Also, the Ordi trading volume and market cap are in an uptrend, which shows investors' confidence in the project. ORDI has experienced 15 green days in the past month and has bullish market sentiment.

The technical analysis shows that Ordi is trading above the 50-day and 200-day SMA. As such, experts have made a bold Ordi price prediction — which is $100 before the end of June. This makes ORDI one of the top meme coins to invest in for short and long-term profits.


With the meme coin market witnessing massive adoption, the above are some of the best meme coins to buy now. With APORK still in the early stage of presale, now is the best time to accumulate the token before it is listed in crypto exchanges. Remember to DYOR before investing. 

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