PEPE Holders Flock to Raboo and Brett as Meme Coin Mania Takes Over Crypto Markets


The crypto market is in a slight downturn, with various altcoins like PEPE taking a 11% haircut over the past 7 days. However, meme coin mania is still running wild—with a good number of PEPE holders jumping to promising projects like Brett and Raboo in June 2024. According to Coinmarketcap, the total meme coin market cap sits at a robust $62 Billion, remaining one of the hotbeds of action in crypto. Everybody’s looking at the next big crypto that could recreate the crazy Pepe coin price chart in 2024. Analysts believe Raboo could be the next strong candidate to turn in a 100x profit this year. The best part? You’re still early to the presale launch.

Learn why smart money is betting on Brett and Raboo to turn in parabolic gains similar to Pepe coin price action in 2024.

PEPE mints new all-time high; has it peaked too soon?

PEPE, the meme coin based on the popular frog character found in internet memes and comics, printed a new all-time high in May 2024. PEPE was dubbed as one of the next big crypto projects back in 2023. Since then, PEPE has gone on a major run as one of the top gainers in the meme coin sector.

However, investors looking for more gains from PEPE are already too late; everyone has moved on to the next big crypto, like Brett and Raboo, which could outperform Pepe coin price action in 2024.

Brett is among the new meme coins to get major action in June

Despite the criticism as a purely speculative market, meme coins remain the best-performing sector in crypto. One of the new meme coins tipped as the next big crypto in the meme coin sector is called Brett.

Brett, inspired by a character from the Boy’s Club series that spawned PEPE, is up 39.87% in the past week as of press time. Brett has been one of the best-performing new meme coins on Solana, which could be among the next big crypto meme coins this year.

Raboo at the intersection of explosive meme coin sector and AI boom

Raboo is introducing a seismic shift within the lucrative meme coin sector, introducing cutting-edge AI technology and fusing it with viral internet meme culture. Raboo’s post-to-earn SocialFi mechanics allow users to create memes with its AI-enabled Rabooscan content generator. Raboo users can earn $RABT tokens by promoting the project on social media verticals and participating in contests. Analysts believe Raboo could easily go on a 100x and become among the next big crypto gainers this year.

Thus far, Raboo has raised a remarkable $1.6 million and is currently in Stage 4 of its presale launch. With token prices at just $0.0048, prospective investors could be in for massive gains once Raboo lists on exchanges after its presale.


Early investors are already up 60% from Raboo’s initial launch price. Prospective investors that join now could still earn up to 233% in token price increases—until $RABT goes live on exchanges worldwide. By combining AI, meme culture, DeFi, SocialFi, and NFTs all under a single self-sustaining ecosystem, Raboo is shaping up to be the next big crypto project and a can’t-miss investment opportunity of 2024.

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