One Altcoin Will Reach Rock Bottom in 2022! Is it Ethereum or Cardano?

One Altcoin Will Reach Rock Bottom in 2022! Is it Ethereum or Cardano?

Ethereum vs Cardano: The altcoin that will drive the crypto market in 2022

If you are someone who is an avid follower of the crypto market, you are certainly aware of the tiff between Cardano and Ethereum. The two cryptocurrencies have been at war with each other for quite a long time. Before Solana or any other Ethereum killer in the market, Cardano had been giving tough competition to Ethereum and continues to do so with its advanced technological advancements in its network. Considering the current condition of the crypto market, investors are now overwhelmed and confused as to which cryptocurrency would be a better option for investment. With the downfall of Bitcoin, Ethereum dived down significantly with it. Hence, its volatility is one of the many reasons why Ethereum investments have slowed down as compared to several other major cryptocurrencies. Owing to a better investment option, buyers do not hesitate to trade into Cardano. Even though ADA and ETH are one of the biggest competitors, they do have a lot of many similarities.

The crypto market has witnessed an extraordinary fall with Bitcoin's unexpected fall that sucked the life out of most popular cryptocurrencies. But investors are not unaware of the potential that Cardano has, as an Ethereum killer. ADA offers a proper balance of power against its competitors. It offers secure transaction facilities, whereas, Ethereum has its own blockchain that can offer smart contract facilities. But the ADA developers also introduced some advanced facilities that will allow developers to use smart contracts on its network. Ethereum might have the potential to become the next Bitcoin, but it is definitely possible that in the near future, Cardano might become one of the major cryptocurrencies to de-throne Ethereum from its original position. From the position of the current market situation, the prices of Cardano and Ethereum fell by more than 30%. But Cardano is rebounding at a much faster rate than ETH.

Cardano vs Ethereum: Which is a better investment option?

Ethereum is one of the most well-known altcoins in the market. The significance of ETH is more than a cryptocurrency for some investors. Ether has grown immensely since its creation. Though Ethereum had a turbulent week where its price went as low as US$2,000, the crypto is still considered one of the most powerful cryptocurrencies in the market. It also still represents a lifetime return on investment of over approximately 700,000%. Developers still love the ETH blockchain of its utility as a software network that allows developers to build and power new tools, applications, and NFTs. Coming to Cardano, it is one of the most secure cryptos as it has been carefully created. ADA faced a downtrend earlier, but it has become quite cheap making it a perfect investment option for current investors. ADA also follows the PoS, which allows users of the crypto to decentralize the network in exchange for getting paid in tokens.

There are several other cryptocurrencies that might prove a better option than Cardano and Ethereum, but currently, if we compare them, it is hard to predict which cryptocurrency might stand a better chance in 2022. Both the cryptos have had their ups and downs and in this current situation, it is quite unpredictable to decide which altcoin will fall. Both might yield considerable profits in the upcoming months, and both might fall. So, investors should be careful before diving into these untrodden waters.

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