Once Cherished Telegram Groups are now Crypto Bot Ghost Towns

Once Cherished Telegram Groups are now Crypto Bot Ghost Towns

Humans have abandoned Telegram crypto groups, that now appear more like barren bot grounds

Telegram is one of the most popular platforms for the crypto community to gather and discuss crypto investment strategies, gain insights into an asset's price movements, and get help from professional investors regarding investment decisions. But, slowly and gradually, Telegram became a favorite spot for crypto scammers. Bots on the messaging platform were directed to get investors to reveal their two-factor authentication, which the hackers used to log into the account, lock out the original users and then steal whatever they wanted.

But it seems like investors have finally learned something after the recent downturn. Telegram crypto groups now just consist of bots and mostly seem like deserted ghost towns. A popular cryptocurrency exchange platform, named BitGo aimed to attract customers to itself and used Telegram to conduct its operations. Members of the group discussed various parameters of the crypto industry. But a few days ago, the 'BitGp' Telegram group majorly featured spam-spewing bots, that only spoke to one another in riddles. Experts believe that these are robo-shillers without humans to actually scam those who might wander with these bots, once in a while.

Currently, as this news broke out, investors have been quite enthusiastic to find out how these bots would react to their questions. Since humans have left the Telegram crypto groups, automated moderators attempt to keep the boat afloat. But the existence of malicious bots might overwhelm the remaining human investors in these groups. The internet broke when the participants of these Telegram groups posted screenshots of the bizarre bots-on-bots conversations. It clearly indicated that these bots are not only smart but are also resourceful enough to convince gullible investors that a particular asset or investment scheme is safe and profitable.

The emergence of these bots would only aid Telegram's crime-as-a-service facilities. So, investors who are opting to gain insights about crypto investment from Telegram groups, beware! You might not be as safe as you think you are.

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