Notcoin (NOT) and Kaspa (KAS) Soar But Rollblock (RBLK) Presale Dominates Headlines

Notcoin (NOT) and Kaspa (KAS) Soar But Rollblock (RBLK) Presale Dominates Headlines

Notcoin has taken the market by storm. Over the last week its value surged over 300%, and the altcoin quickly ranked among the world's top 10 most traded cryptocurrencies. Kaspa also saw strong returns and hit an all-time high. 

However, as both projects start to consolidate, Rollblock is taking the spotlight. Poised for returns of 720% during its presale, this innovative GambleFi protocol is gaining huge traction in the DeFi space and could quickly become a leading DeFi project

Notcoin Surges Following Telegram Integration

On June 3, Notcoin briefly became the 3rd most traded cryptocurrency in the world. Its value soared by over 300%, taking it to an all-time high of $0.02896. This surge was triggered by Notcoin’s integration with Telegram as a Mini App, during which it attracted over 30 million users. 

During the same timeframe Notcoin was listed on Bybit, making it easily accessible and further driving up its price. Social media activity continues to drive up Notcoin, though the new project has seen a 3.46% decline in the last 24 hours. 

Notcoin is now trading at $0.021, though experts predict it could hit the $0.1 milestone before the end of June. Longer term predictions suggest that Notcoin could reach $0.3, though this will be heavily influenced by market trends. 

Kaspa Hits An All-Time High

On June 5, Kaspa hit an all-time high of $0.192. Its price has since declined due to investors selling to make a profit, though investors remain bullish about Kaspa. At the time of writing, Kaspa was trading at $0.18, and its daily trading volume had increased by 31% to $144 million. 

Market analysts have taken to social media to express their support for Kaspa. X analyst, bysiyakat, believes that Kaspa could reach $5 within a year, which would make Kaspa one of the markets most profitable investments. 

Rollblock Outperforms Top Cryptos In May 

While some projects experienced growth in May, Rollblock has dominated. Its value is up by 40% and its presale has attracted thousands of investors. Over the next few months experts speculate returns to go as high as 720%, which would make Rollblock one of the best presales of 2024. 

Rollblock introduces a GambleFi protocol that overhauls many outdated processes in the $450 billion gambling market. Its online casino is already live, and has passed all required licensing. This, alongside the use of blockchain technology makes Rollblock extremely secure.

Using Rollblock, investors can place bets with cryptocurrency on over 150 games. Over 20 cryptocurrencies are compatible with the platform, making it easy to access. Furthermore, Rollblock will also add sports betting, making its platform a one-stop shop for betting enthusiasts. 

Alongside its casino, Rollblock also offers a passive income opportunity. The project offers a revenue share model, which will grant $RBLK stakers a share in its casino revenue. Up to 30% of the platform's revenue will be allocated to these rewards. 

To offer rewards, Rollblock will purchase $RBLK tokens from the open market. It will use half of these tokens to give back to stakers, who will be paid weekly. The remaining tokens will be burned, creating scarcity in the process.

Rollblock Set To Rally In June

Stage 3 of the Rollblock presale is selling out fast. $RBLK tokens are available for just $0.014 and will increase for a third time once the round is complete. With huge predicted gains, passive income opportunities, and more, experts believe that Rollblock could be one of 2024’s standout projects. 

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