MoonBag Coin Spearheads the Meme Coin Realm by Hitting the 300k Milestone in Presale While Bitbot and Near Protocol Face the Music

MoonBag Coin Spearheads the Meme Coin Realm by Hitting the 300k Milestone in Presale While Bitbot and Near Protocol Face the Music

Are you finding it hard to keep up with the happenings of the crypto world? Well, you are not alone. Every other day a new player is entering the global cryptocurrency arena, one that is more technologically advanced, has a better strategy in place or is offering one-of-a-kind rewards, making it hard for investors to make their pick.

The newest player to join this ever-changing world of crypto is the monkey-themed meme coin, MoonBag(MBAG). By achieving a remarkable milestone of hitting more than $300k in presale that too in a matter of days, it has boosted the confidence of investors who are having no trouble choosing MoonBag Coin as their hottest investment pick.

Let's discover how MoonBag Coin has managed to show the investors that the future of crypto appears promising within the meme coin terrain as Bitbot and Near Protocol struggle with individual challenges. 

Bitbot the First Non-custodial Trading Bot

Bitbot is a trading bot that operates on Telegram and has its own AI Gem Scanner. This function aims to identify undervalued tokens and attract potential investment opportunities by optimizing trading strategies and assisting investors. It is the first non-custodial trading bot for Telegram which means user’s funds aren’t directly held by Bitbot. Rather, users have control over their wallets, which greatly lowers the possibility of fraud and theft.

Currently in its presale stage, Bitbot may look promising but how it will sustain itself in the Telegram bot market that boasts over $50 million daily trading volume and is currently dominated by Banana Gun and Unibot is a question on many analysts’ minds.

Near Protocol’s Lack of Decentralization

Near Protocol’s (NEAR) performance has been showcasing a significant uptick. The growth trajectory continues as it approaches resistance levels steadily.  Market observers are positively regarding NEAR for surpassing its prior benchmarks. Despite the great performance lately, there are concerns regarding its decentralization vulnerabilities.

According to Zachary Lorance in his core report on Near Protocol," The most troublesome vulnerability of NEAR Protocol is found in its centralization.” While it may appear that NEAR is taking necessary steps to overcome this issue by increasing participation in block production and consensus, it fails to guarantee the distribution of proper decision-making power in a decentralized manner.

In Investors’ Eyes, MoonBag Coin = Money

MoonBag is an Ethereum-based coin that aims to build a community of like-minded individuals and give them a place to belong. MoonBag inherits a rock-solid security system and interoperability from Ethereum.

In investors' eyes, the MoonBag Coin equals money. If you have been keeping up with the best meme coin presales of the year, you must have heard of the MoonBag Presale which has managed to bag more than $300k and is only going up. The numbers speak for themselves. Hitting such a milestone in a matter of days shows the confidence of investors in MoonBag’s ability to make high returns.

Currently, at stage 1 of its presale, the $MBAG coins are up for grabs at $0.0001. Remarkably, at every stage profits will increase. Investing in MoonBag coins can result in a staggering 9900% ROI during the presale phase. MoonBag also has a “zero tax” policy so you can enjoy trading without worrying about additional expenses.

This is how you can buy your MoonBag Coin now and watch your investment skyrocket!

How to Buy $MBAG Coins?

Step 1: Set up your wallet on Metamask or Trust Wallet.

Step 2: Visit, download it, and add the extension to your browser to create your wallet. Don't forget to keep your private key secure.

Step 3: You can now transfer Ethereum (ETH) or your preferred crypto to your wallet. Also, you can purchase ETH, USDT, or BNB directly through Metamask.

Disclaimer: To get an exclusive presale experience, and claim the MoonBag’s unlimited offerings, log onto MoonBag’s official website. Jump into staking any crypto from Ethereum, USDT, BNB or various other popular cryptos on the platform and start your journey to gain high returns.


As Bitbot and Near Protocol deal with individual challenges, the MoonBag presale is a promising new investment opportunity for crypto enthusiasts with an expected ROI of 15,000%. So what are you waiting for, grab the MoonBag coin today at $0.0001 and enjoy a promising ROI at zero tax.

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