MoonBag Coin Leads the Space Race While Cosmos and Tron Struggle to Keep Up

MoonBag Coin Leads the Space Race While Cosmos and Tron Struggle to Keep Up

If you were told you could go to the moon, would you stop and question it or pack your bags in a rush? You will probably choose the latter if your inner child is still alive. One of the reasons people rally behind them is their promises of greatness. However, with Cosmos (ATOM) and Tron (TRX) struggling to continue their upward journey, people can’t help but search for suitable alternatives.

Amid it all, while people lament the decline of altcoins, the MoonBag coin has emerged as the last light of hope. The MoonBag presale has gone live, offering early investors many rewards and high returns. There are also staking rewards that you can get during the presale and zero taxes.

Let’s review the performance of Cosmos and Tron and find out how MoonBag stands out from the crowd.

ATOM Suffers Heavy Losses After Grayscale Fund Drops the Crypto

As part of quarterly fund rebalancing, Grayscale removed ATOM, the native token from Cosmos, from its Grayscale Digital Large Cup Fund (GDLC). Existing fund components were bought from the funds raised after selling ATOM.

The news dealt a heavy blow to ATOM, as the coin lost 23.03% in value. The sharp decline in the price of ATOM caused panic among investors, who had no option but to cash out. Investing in a reliable coin that wouldn’t suffer through such price declines is better for investors who wish to protect their money.

Tron DAO Welcomes Google Cloud While TRX Declines

TRON DAO has added Google Cloud as a Super Representative candidate on the blockchain. The Tron network will also use Google Cloud’s suite of solutions to keep the Web3 space secure and running.

Unfortunately, the positive news did not have a good effect on the price of TRX. In a few days, Tron’s native token lost 4.13% in value, shaking the investors' faith. Many might still stick to Tron’s side, but it’s hard to say when they can enjoy their ROI.

MoonBag Coin Sets Eyes on the Moon, Takes Off with the Promise of High Returns & Rewards

The Ethereum-based MoonBag crypto enjoys various network features, including high scalability, speed, and interoperability. The MoonBag coin aims to provide financial security without disturbing the people's joy. Currently, the MoonBag presale is in its first stage, and it has already raised over $100,000. MBAG coins are $0.00005 for now, but they will reach $0.0030. Once the presale is over and MoonBag gets listed on exchanges, early investors can enjoy an ROI of 15000%.

The team coin will be locked away to protect your assets, and 20% of the raised funds will be used for liquidity. The liquidity will increase the coin's scarcity for buyback and burn events.

The Ethereum layer brings scalability at a great speed and interoperability to MoonBag. As the MBAG coins are quickly running out, whoever gets their hands on them will get to enjoy financial freedom later. You can buy the MoonBag crypto by using a number of altcoins and the process can be completed in a few minutes. You can also start staking once your purchase is complete and accumulating your rewards.

Final Thoughts - Get Your Money’s Worth

Getting a return on your investment is crucial whenever you decide to bet on a cryptocurrency. However, a meagre return on investment is not financially beneficial for investors. On the other hand, if you are getting an ROI of 15000%, it is not an opportunity you should waste. So, if you want your money’s worth, there is no better option than the MoonBag presale. You can enjoy high returns and rewards with low-risk investments only by investing in the MoonBag presale.

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