MicroStrategy 2.0? This Publicly Traded MedTech Makes Bitcoin a Treasury Asset: Incoming Bull or Bear Market? Here are Top Crypto Games to Buy in 2024

Bull or Bear Market

Following MicroStrategy’s footsteps, a publicly traded MedTech, Selmer Scientific, has made Bitcoin its saving vehicle. This bullish development has triggered market optimism, with several cryptos adding significant gains in their value. Amid all this, the crypto games space has witnessed a buzz of activities with seemingly an array of new game launches and token airdrops. As a result, the underdog gaming tokens have gradually witnessed heightened open interest, pacing them up for an upcoming bull run.

With this view, these crypto game tokens are emerging as the best cryptos to invest in June for 100x returns. The matrix behind these lucrative crypto game tokens is their fusion of gaming and blockchain technologies. Experts see the advent of blockchain as a means of taking the realm of crypto games to new heights. This article will explore the top trending crypto game tokens that will most likely surge in the coming days.

KangaMoon Remains Bullish Amid CoinMarketCap Listing

KangaMoon (KANG) is emerging as a strong contender for disrupting the crypto gaming industry. Its unique blend of GameFi’s play-to-earn concept, fuelled by SocialFi elements and robust market performance, has drawn investors in the broader market. For context, KangaMoon has already raised over $7.5 million in presale revenue, with a 400% ROI in price value, moving from $0.005 to $0.025.

The crypto games platform introduces an ecosystem where gamers and traders alike, meet like-minded individuals, engage in fun-filled battle-themed tournaments and challenges, and, as a result, earn rewards—KANG tokens and rare NFTs. Its native token will offer utility on this ecosystem dubbed “Kangaverse.

Gamers and traders will use KANG tokens to access exclusive games, create and upgrade characters in the ecosystem, and buy in-game items in the marketplace. What’s more interesting is that KANG holders can earn free tokens when they join to promote the project online.

Beyond the ecosystem, the crypto games platform is now listed by two popular crypto data aggregators—CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. This means that traders will have a chance to analyze KANG market trends to make wise investment decisions. With the current surging market activity, analysts see the KangaMoon price maintaining its bullish momentum, suggesting that it could be among the best cryptocurrencies of Q2.

Meanwhile, BitMart has also announced KANG's upcoming listing, which experts see would trigger parabolic bull runs of 100x returns, positioning it among the best crypto games to invest in now.

Beam Rebounds On Charts—Will It Regain Its Upward Trajectory

The Beam is the next coin on the best crypto games token buys list. The crypto games token takes a peculiar approach to play-to-earn by focusing on physical activity. Beam Crypto has a mobile application will reward users with its native token for completing fitness challenges.

Blending the play-to-earn concept with real-life health and wellness has scaled the crypto game to a broader audience. The unique blend of physical activities and blockchain gaming landscape has made the crypto games token garner visibility and open interest in the wider crypto market. Additionally, its native token offers utility by facilitating transactions and enabling participation in Merit Circle DAO governance.

Remarkably, the heightened investor interest has triggered increased on-chain market activities on the network. In any case, the price of Beam is on a downturn, but its technical indicators are signalling green—meaning that the crypto game is gearing up for an upcoming rally. Thus, many experts have made optimistic Beam coin price predictions, cementing its position among the best cryptos to buy now.

The Sandbox (SAND) Launches DAO for Community Governance

As an Ethereum-based metaverse gaming platform, Sandbox is another crypto games token that has made significant strides in network development and market performance. Recently, Sandbox introduced a DAO that allows token holders to shape the future of their game and its economy.

Remarkably, users who own NFT-based land plots or SAND holders can propose and vote on blockchain’s decision-making regarding gameplay upgrades, feature additions, future events, and reward initiatives. Additionally, the crypto games network has released a new game in the ecosystem—Fist of the North Star, a post-apocalyptic realm where humanity faces hurdles for survival.

The bullish Sandbox news has triggered increased market activities on the network and heightened open interest in the gaming token, triggering a price upswing. Many experts see the Sandbox coin maintaining this upward trajectory, suggesting that the gaming token could potentially hit $1 by the end of the year. Thus, the Sandbox crypto is among the best crypto game tokens to invest in 2024.

Axie Infinity (AXS) Breaks Trendline—Is $11.40 the Next Target?

The other crypto game token to invest in now is Axie Infinity. The blockchain-based trading and battling network has been making waves in the broader market, heightening investor interest. Recently, the price of Axie Infinity has pushed above its upper critical resistance level, hinting at bullish momentum.

Several network releases, increasing trading volume, and broader market trends have contributed to the recent surge. Many experts have made bullish Axie Infinity price predictions, suggesting that the crypto games token now targets the $11.40 mark.

Additionally, its technical indicators are flashing green, indicating increased buying pressures. Axie Infinity is thus gearing up for more parabolic bull runs, cementing its position among the best cryptos to buy now for 100x returns.

Ronin Experiences Resurgence—Daily Active Users Hit 1.4M

Lastly, Ronin is among the best crypto games to watch in 2024. The Ethereum sidechain, which hosts Axie Infinity and other games, has been experiencing a recovery. According to Token Terminals, Ronin coin has the second-highest daily active users across all blockchains, with 1.4 million, behind Tron’s 2.2 million daily active users.

Impressively, the increase in daily users is attributed to the Pixels’ arrival, which has pushed the gaming network to new heights. Analysts suggest widespread bot activities could have triggered Pixels’ high wallet count.

However, a sizeable number of humans also play the game. Looking at its technical indicators, the price of Ronin is trading above the 100 and 200 day EMAs, suggesting the crypto games token is experiencing buying pressures. Thus, experts see more substantial gains in the coming weeks, making the Ronin coin among the best cryptos to buy and hold.


The potential for higher returns from your best crypto investment depends on several factors determining which gaming tokens to buy. These factors include the gaming token technology, the token’s utility factor within the crypto games ecosystem, and the market demand for the gaming token.

Therefore, savvy investors must conduct extensive research and evaluate the intrinsic value of crypto game tokens and, more importantly, their growth potential before investing in a particular crypto. With a more strategic approach to investing, one can accumulate the best cryptos on the market.

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