Memecoin Created by ChatGPT Jumps 2000%, Is Memeseason Here? Top Meme Coins to Buy Now


A digital artist known as Rhett Mankind, the creator of TURBO, utilized ChatGPT-4 in order to create a coin with a budget of just $69. The memecoin was exclusively created through the usage of AI, which wrote the crypto’s community tokenomics, whitepaper, and smart contract code. Since then, it surged in value by 2,000%, initiating the memecoin season.

For those looking to capitalize on meme coins, KangaMoon (KANG), Pepe (PEPE), Bonk (BONK), Floki (FLOKI), and Shiba Inu (SHIB) are all exceptional diversification opportunities, and today, we will go over their on-chart data to see which is one of the top meme coins to invest in.

Top Memecoins to Get As ChatGPT Memecoin Pushes Season Forward

We will now take an in-depth look at the price performance for each one of the top meme coins following ChatGPT’s memecoin spike in value which has initiated an entire memecoin rally.

1. KangaMoon (KANG) Climbs 400% and Raises $7.4M – Price to Surge 100x at Launch

KangaMoon (KANG) positions itself as a major player in the meme coin space by building a sustainable ecosystem that goes beyond short-term trends, which is reflected in the 400% price increase during its presale, fueled by its unique integration of Social-Fi elements and Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanics, which have the potential to increase token usage and long-term value. So far during the presale, the cryptocurrency has managed to reach $7.4 million in raised funds, and with increased momentum and positive sentiment, analysts are projecting that it can climb to $8 million.

Through the P2E game, players can complete battles and tournaments, and by doing so are rewarded in the form of KANG tokens. Moreover, the token also has vast utility as its used as the incentive in the Social-Fi elements, as the most active participants in platforms such as X (Twitter) are rewarded in the token, and this fosters organic growth.

Moreover, the project has attracted a user base exceeding 32,000 during its presale. The current Bonus Presale price is $0.0025, offering a discount compared to the initial $0.005 price. KANG's presence on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko allows for price discovery and potentially fosters transparency for investors. In addition, a future listing on the BitMart Centralized Exchange (CEX) is also a major catalyst for its growth, as it is poised to climb 100x following its launch, making it a major name within the broader meme coin market.

2. Pepe Price Up 20% in a Single Week – How Far Can It Climb?

Pepe (PEPE) is one of the most notable meme coins that initially saw a major jump in its value, where a 27,319.8% price increase since its lowest point has positioned it as a dominant player. In the past week alone, the Pepe price is up 20%, and it has reached a new weekly high point that could pave the way for broader interest.

If the Pepe crypto manages to regain bullish attention, it can reach new heights, especially in the upcoming memecoin bull market. According to the Pepe price prediction, the crypto can end 2024 at $0.0025, positioning it as a top meme coin to get during the surge of the meme coin market.

3. Bonk Crypto Rises 24% – What's the Furthest Value Point It Can Reach in 2024?

Bonk (BONK) reached the spotlight recently as support for Metamask Snap was added to, and now any ETH user can send anyone BONKcards as-well.

During the past week, the Bonk price is up 24%. Moreover, the Bonk crypto has regained bullish attention, and is now primed to see significant gains fueled by the positive RSI data. According to the Bonk price prediction, the crypto can end Q4 of 2024 at $0.000032.

4. Floki (FLOKI) Ecosystem Expands With Sekuya – What Does This Mean for Its Future?

Floki (FLOKI) made waves when Sekuya securely locked $1.15 million SKYA tokens for a 12-month period through the usage of Floki’s mainstream DeFi Locker protocol, the FlokiFi Locker. Moreover, the Floki price has been at an uptrend, as its price has spiked 26% within a single week.

Now, sentiment surrounding the future Floki crypto value is high, as memecoin season is in full swing. Based on the Floki price prediction, the furthest point of value it can reach in 2024 is at $0.000213.

5. Shiba Inu's ShibaSwap Is Now Live on Shibarium – Can This Lead to Higher Value?

Shiba Inu (SHIB) made remarkable waves during the month as ShibaSwap went live on top of Shibarium. This was a major milestone that can greatly enhance the Shiba Inu crypto demand.

The Shiba Inu price on the other hand is up 15% in the past week, and this is indicative that the latest updates in its ecosystem and various integrations could have an impact in its value during the long-term as-well. Based on the Shiba Inu price prediction, the crypto can reach $0.000037 in value by Q4 of 2024.

Which Crypto Can Lead the Memecoin Season for 2024?

With the latest memecoin created through the help of ChatGPT surging by 2,000%, its clear that traders are on the lookout for diversification opportunities in this part of the industry. While Pepe (PEPE), Bonk (BONK), Floki (FLOKI) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) have all showcased bullishness, KangaMoon has the ambitious goal of dethroning these established players, and is likely to do so through its Social-Fi and P2E integration, alongside the active user-growth as its reached over 32,000 users.

Moreover, its accessibility and transparency, and future CEX listings also make it poised for major growth, indicating that those who jump into it now have massive ROI opportunities, positioning KANG as one of the top meme coins to invest in during 2024 and beyond.

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