Meme Coins to Watch in Q2 2024: Raboo, dogwifhat and BOME

Meme Coins to Watch in Q2 2024: Raboo, dogwifhat and BOME

Despite the peaks and troughs of the overall crypto market, one thing’s for sure: presale opportunities like Raboo remain the best investment opportunities. Industry observers are picking Raboo as one of the top meme coins to watch in Q2 2024, with early projections tipping it to outperform some of the hottest meme coin projects in dogwifhat and BOME within the same timeframe.

Thus far, Raboo has raised over $1.4 million in its presale, indicating a massive groundswell of support for the AI and social-fi meme coin, available at just $0.0042.

Dogwifhat: Is the hottest meme coin on Solana cooling off?

Dogwifhat was one of the hottest meme coins launched on Solana, quickly making it to the “top meme coins to watch” list in 2024. Besides being one of the biggest gainers in the meme coin sector, dogwifhat was among the catalysts for Solana’s massive run that saw the L1 blockchain peak at $209 in mid-March. 

However, entering Q2 2024, the initial hype that helped dogwifhat break into the top 100 meme coins by market capitalization appears to have petered out. As of press time, WIF is trading at $2.95 after an almost 8% loss in the past month. dogwifhat is now struggling to retain the outflow of capital and community members, and this is reflected in its poor price actions.

BOME: Hype drying out since March launch

BOME is another Solana meme coin that’s been marked as one of the meme coins to watch since its launch last March 2024. The concept behind BOME—or the “Book of Meme”—is that users could create, store, and access a library of dank memes, allowing them to preserve and distribute them forever.

After soaring to heights of 10x since its launch, BOME surged to a $892 million market cap as of press time. However, BOME wasn’t spared a spanking, losing a whopping 14% between May 16th and 19th

Raboo: One of the AI and SocialFi meme coins to watch in 2024

Industry observers are buzzing about Raboo as the AI and SocialFi-focused meme coin’s presale launch has already raised $1 million in fresh investment early on its life cycle, cementing its status as one of the hottest meme coins to watch this year. Raboo distinguishes itself with its AI-powered meme production and distribution capability, rewarding its users with its unique post-to-earn mechanism. This enables Raboo holders to monetize their memes and benefit from their efforts to promote Raboo’s vast viral potential.

Raboo's presale is now in Stage 3 after selling out its initial stages with a starting price of only $0.003. Currently, Raboo tokens are available at $0.0042, with industry observers predicting a 100x surge by the time RABT launches on exchanges.


Raboo has firmly cemented itself among the hottest meme coin presale launches in 2024, raising a remarkable $1 million and counting. With BOME and dogwifhat cooling off as traders take profits, Raboo is presenting itself as one of the most irresistible presale opportunities of the year.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.



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